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Torture Sounds Incredible (Part One)

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Torture Sounds Incredible

“Here puppy, puppy, puppy…” sibilient and seductive came the voice of the Demoness, winding through the corridors of the dank hallway that she was strutting through, seemingly without a care. In one gloved hand, rattled a length of chain…

Rattle, rattle, clank…clank…

She’d spent months looking for the perfect speciman…

Snapping her hand forwards abruptly, she sent stumbling and tumbling forward the woman on the leash to slip into the slits of moonlight washing down from the bars of the high window in one of the cells they were moving past.

A riotious mass of golden blonde hair writhed about the slender shoulders of the tawny female of such a short stature. The female grunted quietly, choking against the silver band that encircled her flimsy little throat. Saliva and blood dripped free of her mouth in thick trails, slithering around the ball gag trapped into her mouth…dribbling down against her chest and over her naked breasts…pattering to the ground in thick, pink drops. 

The wolf-woman barely knew where she was, who she was with and even who -she- was…The section of Dis’ chain Aosoth still owned was clipped to the wolf, churning paranoia and despair through her system in a devestating sweep. 

“A message needs to be sent…yes, yes it does…” comes her voice once more, rasping to the frail creature she tugged along with the occasional snap of a slender wrist to force her to keep forward momentum. Such weakness, such stupidity…it was laughable. “Too bad you were the wrong species for this little game. But at least you look right…” 

A smoky chuckle wisped free of her abyssal maw, dancing through the air much like her tail was doing, swaying back and forth with a contented motion. Flint like talons of black clicked and snicked against the silver bars of the various cells they passed, adding to the shuffling noises that the femme behind her made…adding to the wavering chaos that still echoed in luscious vibrations throughout the complex of the damned.

Step by langorous step she makes her way to an empty cell…each she’d passed previously having risen up in an unholy cacophony of noise…the ‘inmates’ rattling at the bars of their cages, shrieking in defeaning screams until they went hoarse…But Aosoth only reveled within it, inhaling deeply as though the chaos itself was a tangible substance for her to breathe in.

When she reaches her cage of choosing, a wave of her hand over the locking mechanism has the metal unlatching for the door to swing wide. Cooing to her haggard pet, she led the woman within the silver flecked brick walls, tugging her along roughly…the spike clutched within her palm is driven into the wall viciously, taking residence there to keep the little blonde wench chained up. Letting her brilliantly white gaze slash over the area before she stepped free of the place, her hand drifted through the air lazily once more to have the door close and the lock to latch. Staring unblinkingly at the wolf, she lifted her hand and snapped her fingers suddenly. As though the entire world had been put on mute, no sounds but that of the breathing of the wolf rings true and clear…turning into agonized whimpers as she comes to, intelligence brewing up within her pale eyes once more. 

A grin slants onto the fanged maw of the Dark Goddess, a malicious twinkle erupting into her gaze while she watches the woman realize what sort of position she was in..Chained to the wall like the dog she was…

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  1. Amelie Zagurian 8 years ago

    Carol you’re actually spot on there, Ames doesn’t care about rules either way, she’ll make her own up and bend or break them completely to get the job done..Neutral Good is probably the best fit…she’s not Evil like Branna suggested but she’s no saint either…she just…is

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