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Towns Of Kaylee Shores [Unraveling Legacy Arc] Chapter 3:Part 3

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Author’s Note:This does work it’s way into Gold’s Adventure Chapter because she’s probably being told this by her guide but I know everyone else on Cadzenziera has done it with there settlements so I will too

The Guide would explain how Kaylee Shores worked as in towns to Gold Everston

The Capital Town, Nagihira Castle

The Idea and Concept of Nagihira Castle was around for centuries, however our Patriarch who is currently Krystal Nagihira.

Has been said to have created the Castle herself with her bare hands and her magic, based on old readings she used to read in spare time.

The Marie Pack which is actually the guard and the Clan Family lives in the kingdom, however the place is where the family is buried.

New Kayna 

Rumors have it that Krystal and Xavier pulled this town from another place and put it into the more massive landmass.

They made it where most people live and it is where your currently staying, they gave it a few upgrades with new ways for people to unlock there homes

Samurai Miri

Okay most people don’t understand that this name, What I’m told is that is the winter settlement that Xavier founded for a Hospital which is called Central Hospital Of Samurai Miri

Xeniorian Province

A Vast Untouched Space, in the western areas of Kaylee Shores..Still untouched by Krystal however Kelsey might be doing something with it. 

While it depends what that swords tell our current clan leader

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