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Tracinya: Daily Life

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The chatter of the other Mandalorians play company to their shadows as I watch them from outside the large tent. The smell of alcoholic drink could be easily notice as laughter rang through the night. Being the youngest of the bounty hunters, I grew bitter towards my comrades. Remembering how they would tease me being too young to drink or play with. Avoiding the party I sit alone on this somewhat comfortable rock, scouting incase of unwelcomed visitors came.

Don’t get me wrong, there most likely only few who were dumb enough to get drunk, but as of now they are no concern of mine.

As always a disc shaped probe droid which I nicknamed Scout, hovers a few yards in front of me. Another as always, my brother Reeve is nowhere to be seen. I hug my knees closer to my chest while the shadows of my comrades plays across the tent.

I offer to go on watch but of course they could care less. Mom is gone, brother is always vanishing, and dad…what dad? I may have his last name but I never seen his face or heard his voice.

Instead of dwelling on what I don’t have. I went over to the east side of camp walking towards a half made half rusted shed. The dirt beneath by boots crunch with each step and the air felt pleasantly warm with a cool breeze. The taste of the air was warm at first making my dry for moment until, the nighttime breeze adds refreshing touch to my skin. Grabbing my homemade sniper rifle while walking, I look down at it with a smile. Without even noticing my foot steps came to a stop and so did the soft sound of crunching soil.

My rifle I spent months finding, working, paying for the right parts of the best quality. Even has a finger print scanner so only I can use it. It’s my best friend beside Scout of course. Walking towards the shed the air suddenly became cooler and the sound of old droids buzzing filled the small space. The floor was mostly dirt with a few scrapes of broken metal that would bend to my weight as I walk across.

With each step I can hear the scrape yard droids rattle more and more. They knew what was coming, their programing still telling them to function best possible way. The best possible way to function is to survive. Walking up the rusty steps, I remind myself to skip the 5th step so I wouldn’t fall through…again. Dust fell from the steps until I reach the roof of the shed, having a clear view the target zone.

With sniper rifle in hand I pick my spot and position the long barrel on the edge of the roof, and lay down on my belly with my elbows supporting me. Since the droids heard me coming it be a while before any of them will come out, unless one has cyber mental break down. This…this was the only moment when I clear my head. With my finger hovering right in front of the trigger and peering through the scope. Who needs family when you have skills of a Mandalorin. Suddenly a giant probe droid appears right in front of my scope, I jump out of skin and fall backwards. A series a small beeps and chirps reach my ears. “SCOUT! You better ever do that when we are out on the job! Or I will sell you as scrape metal!!”

For those who are not tech savvy, a probe droid is no bigger than a small basketball and can hover in the air. Scout would do his beeping laugh before narrowly missing my punch. “Now I have to wait another hour!!”

Alone on the roof with my hands hanging at my side, I look around me. A unwanted feeling cloaks itself around me and sinks deep into my skin. I am Tracinya Fett, daughter of the galaxies most famous bounty hunter, Jango Fett. Having that name, you would think I be the most respected bounty hunter in this sector of space. Look at me now…I walk alone, do jobs on my own, I even eat alone having only a Scout and my shadow to keep me company. Psh, I got skills worthy enough to be called Mandalorian, loneliness not gonna knock me off my game.

Hearing something from below, I hunker down in keeling position and crawl on my belly, army crawling back to my sniper rifle. Seeing through the scope I saw a green landscape one old and curious assassin droid with a missing right arm.

Target practice has begun…


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