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Transmissions… Return Transmission… From: The USS-Enterprise-A aka (Enterprise-A) To: The UNSC Triumph – (By: Captain James T. Kirk – 12:30 AM – 1.23.17)

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“This is a return transmission, being sent out on all frequencies, to Captain Paine of the UNSC Triumph. You got your wish? This is Captain James T. Kirk of The USS-Enterprise-A. One. Your signal has been received. Two. You wish to speak with me? Well. I’m right here. Three. Colonize? Now that’s a word that needs some explaining on your end. Let’s get down to the brass bones and knuckles of your presence here? Colonize. What are your intentions for this planet? Does it have to do with ….something along the lines of …Violence?” Kirk grins to Spock, who is most confused with his verbal approach to these new Interplanetary Life Forms. 



While Captain Paine is getting Kirks reply, Spock gets a hold of Kirk and shows him what he’s found on their data screens, regarding the orbiting Super-carrier. Spock, “…Sir? You’re speaking to a Halo series originated concept character, whose ship is quite larger than ours. It’s a punic-class super-carrier. Fighter Deployment. There could be over thousands of well-trained men aboard that ship?” (

). (


Kirk responds to Spock, “…Halo series? That’s new?”, while he’s reading the information brought up on the data screens. “…These guys, they look like they could use a few milk-shakes, step out of the combat suit and take a freaking vacation for once”

Spock merely lifts his right brow UP, in both a serious context and too frustrated for words!

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