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Trial Of Chloe Voilette [Unraveling Lineage Arc] Chapter 8:Part 6

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The Guards would read out some of rights of the accused to the young Chloe Voilette

“You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can be used for or against you in court, you have the right to a fair and speedy trial and finally you have the right to a defender” The Guard said as they soon arrived at the church which had been modified for a case

The Defender would speak with the Speaker Of The Jury whilst Chloe and Jill just sat down

“You’ll be fine, kiddo” Jill said to the young one “I believe in your words it’s just worrying” Chloe said

Soon Shannon and Naos came out with the evidence “Speaker present your side, whether it’s good or bad”

The Speaker would just replay a quote from Jada Hadley “She’s a pawn to her mother” About 3 times

“Every War Crime committed by Chloe Voilette, is because she was ordered by her mom to do so, it should be on Lucky, not the daughter who’s older brother and father she failed to keep safe” The Speaker said as he looked to the Defender to speak but Naos does

“Chloe shall be granted a safer family as Jill wishes to adopt her and the fact that Lucky has no remorse with killing her own Daughter or thousands” Naos said 

Chloe Voilette would become Morako Geraldine Xanderson and be adopted by Jill Xanderson


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