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True Definition Of A Nation [World Of Vailsons Arc] Chapter 4:Part 3

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With the help of Patragoldble, Eos Gaian and The FRUGO to assist The Republic with setting up a settlement on Inder

Several Outposts would be setup on the three moons of Inder which have been named by The Chancellor Of The Republic of Everston

Moons & Outpost

Isriel-The Largest Moon Of Inder and the one that is bombarded by the most asteroids, however the outpost setup on is made from The Capital Grade Materials and it is named “Geyser” 

Quill-The Middle Sized Moon Of Inder, the one thats most neutral, however is more facing away from either of the neighboring planets and its outpost is named “Oblivion”

Prey-The Smallest Of The 3 Moons and its more so facing Isa, it is more safeguarded and its outpost is named:”Hawk”

Kelsey would use these three Outposts and The Everlasting Gazer to continue to scan for a suitable place for the first settlement, directly on the side of Quill

There was a meadow patch of land that had a purple- blackish soil for new settlement which Amethyst would name it West Al’urdun


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