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Truth’s Ambulance

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There are lies everywhere

Not a truth to be found

Not a seed in the earth

Not a sprout on the ground


The tangled web of lies we weave

What a wicked line indeed

Trapped into a waking nightmare

Where words are given for greed


What we need to hope for and long for

Doesn’t exist any longer

We desperately need that truth

But we can’t help and ponder


Why the world is the way it is

Why the sky is that darling shade

We stare at the world in the colors we want to see

Because we are all too jaded


What does the truth matter any longer?

There’s no one who could understand it

It’s warped and changed so horribly

It lays mangled and abandoned


On this empty pile of lies we seize

We grip it so tightly, the words of strangers

For some reason we can’t listen to our lovers

We give ourselves into the dangers


There’s no world anymore

No sparkling ambiance

There’s only the red and blue

Of the truth’s ambulance



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  1. ?? Elva Zagurian ?? 10 years ago

    Due to the strawberries Apple shared when we first met. o-o

  2. Angelica 9 years ago

    this is fantastic… i love it

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