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Truths to a Flawed Man and Sassy’s Paranoid Distrust

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I hate you, Daddy, so, so much….” She sobs softly. “Why? WHY you didn’t tell me from the start?!”

Sassy sits in her bed crying at the disturbing truth. She holds herself and she starts to rock back and forth. She shakes her head to deny and dismiss everything Lucito had said to her. It’s not Devlin or so she was told.

“I hate them so much!” Sassy cries as she knocks her head back to look up at the ceiling. “Oh, gods, why mee!? Why is it always me that gets the short end of the stick?! Why can’t I be happy? I just want my Devly-Bear back no matter how flawed we were as a couple or him as a person….”

She sniffles. Her orange eyes are now an orange-red hue and puffy. The poor neko’s heart is literally shattered in pieces and shards as the events plays over and over and over again like Jessica Black’s Friday on the radio. She shutters and shivers in her place before laying down on her side and curling back up into fetal position. Her breathing became shallow and heavy. She is panicking. Her mind is filled with doubts about Elexin, about Daloki, about Wyld, and even to the extent of Devlin, her fiance, that she loves so much.

“It hurts! It hurts so much inside…. I feel like I’m actually dying…. Why didn’t I stay dead?” Sassy sniffs and sobs. “I don’t want to be alive any longer… I can’t take this bloody painful pain anymore. This sucks! Don’t you want to stop tormenting me! SHUT UP!”

Sasuke gets up and she starts to throws the vase with the wilted roses, jerks the sheets off the bed, and she rips the curtains and scratches the wood. She has never felt so pissed off her in life. The engagement ring? She throws that into the dresser door. She stomps around and is screaming on the top of her lungs. Spotting the mirror from the corner of her eye, she runs over to it and punches it with her bare fist. The mirror explodes like fireworks with her crimson blood. The pain makes her falls back, a bit aways from the broken shards of the mirror. She stares at the mirror in horror and her breathing quickens and shallows again.

“You hate me…. You really hate me so much….” Sasuke sobs and buries her face into her hands. “Why, why, why, why!?”

A knock was heard at the door and Sassy looks up from her hands and her paranoid eyes darts to it.

“Lady Sasuke, is everything okay?” Asked a meek voice.

“GO AWAY!” She shouts in rage and anger before going back to her sobbing and crying.

Suicide…. That’s a prefect kind of death. So she thinks. It’s a solution but that mysterious baby however…. It may need her and she knows that deep down….

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  1. deeejaaaayyyy whica whica whaaaa <3

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