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Tuesday Event=Action!!!

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 Finally some action!!! After a long wait, I’m finally getting some action!! Surely I can show off my skills to everyone on here. I did some training with my friends Kanaria and Shio. All I have to do is avoid getting marked by the lower demons and I’m home-free. My only worry is Orhyan. I don’t want anything happening to him. I really don’t. If he dies then I won’t forgive myself…


 But if I die then he failed as a guardian and a lover…


Now that Wyrm has the universe dancing on his finger tips, I will do anything to defeat him. He may try to destroy my realm also like the others—-NO, NO, NO!!! I shouldn’t be negative about it! (Plus I’m going off topic I think.) So for Tuesday, I’ll do my best and be prepared for it!! DATTEBAYO~!!!


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  1. Cecilia di Sighisoara 10 years ago



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