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Heart Cooks Brain

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I've Said What I've Said And You Know What I Mean.
I Still Cant Focus On Anything.

-Modest Mouse

Lily moved a chair next to the bed. She eyes Zoey’s crossbow.. Just gonna slip that out from the suit case.. It was weird. Lily was surprised Zoey didn’t use it.. Zoey only used the arrows. Which were in the quiver near by.. Lily looks back at Zoey. She sets the cross bow down, and heads for the door. Zoey wouldn’t wake till the next morning, more than likely. She begins to the garden.. She had to be sure. She felt like seeing it through Zoey’s eyes wasn’t enough. She had to see her own grave, otherwise she might never accept the fact that at one point, she died.
As she reaches the garden, she eyes the grave a moment.. It was real. She spots the beanie and the knife Zoey left. All of it real.
“Well, guess those i can take back..” She goes for the beanie first, brushing some dirt off it, then putting the thing on. She never actually took the thing off before she died. This thing was like her own lucky charm.. speaking of.. She just now notices the necklace. She looks down at it. The razor blade necklace Zoey put on her body as a good luck charm for getting into what ever heaven there might be.
in her experience, there is none.
only other people’s minds and lives.
She walks back for the knife, pulling it out and closing it up. She eyes the grave. “Sorry.” She says, almost feeling bad for the grave she’s basically robbed. Then again.. She sighs and goes behind it, quickly but perfectly carving in a tree, and in that tree, a teenage Zoey and Lily. Sitting side by side, just sort of leaning into each other. A nice addition which would make this grave, in Lily’s eyes, perfect. She then begins her walk back..
day one.
Lily had fallen asleep in the chair next to Zoey’s bed.. Lily kept the crossbow at hand. Still on alert for Giovanni’s men, despite the fact it’s useless now. Giovanni is dead, isn’t he..? Why does the idea of him taking over still scare her?
Never mind that. She’s awake. And so is Zoey, from the seems. Simply staring at the ceiling. Lily gets up and places the cross bow next to the door, and heads back to her chair, facing Zoey.
“Where am I?”
“Paracosm. The casino gave us a room. You’re memories will be restored tomorrow, more than likely.”
“My name?”
“Zoey Foles.”
“Hm. Yours?”
“Lily Tompkins.”
“And how do I know you?”
“We’re engaged.”
“How long?”
“Till what?”
“How long have we been engaged?”
“Oh. A month? Hard to tell. I was trapped in you’re mind for the last half of it. You’ll remember later on.”
God the awkwardness was killing Lily. She says, “You’re to stay here until you get you’re memories back. If you leave, i’m afraid you might find something bad. Real bad. It might effect you’re… I dunno.. Views of the world..?” Zoey looks at her for a second. “What?” She sits up. “Is their something I should worry about?”
Great. Now she had to explain Zoey’s brother.
After a few hours of explanations, She eventually managed to get Zoey to agree to stay.. One of the things Lily hates about Zoey with out memories- the stubbornness. 
After a short while, Lily finally gotten to the point where she could leave Zoey here. She heads out, to explore Paracosm. She never got the chance to before. She heads out into the rest of the casino, watching as maids tend to one thing to another. Undead maids. Something Lily wasn’t too fond of.
After a while, she eventually came back. Boredom drug her back. As she entered, the door, she was greeted with Zoey on her feet, looking herself in the mirror. “Sup.” Lily says, walking past and to the bed. Zoey returns the “Sup.”
day two – final day
 A loud groan of just waking up Zoey had erupted from the bed, and a sudden thunk as she fell of said bed.
“You alright?” Lily called from the bathroom, putting her hair in a bun. Which was met with another groan.. “I’ll take that as a yes.” And back to her hair she was. “Lily.” Zoey called, exhaustion in her voice. “Yeah?” Lily replied, grabbing hold of the sink’s counter and leaning back so her head is poking out the door. Zoey eyes her a moment. “There back.” Lily looks at her, surprised. “You’re memories? This quick?” Lily lets go of the sink and pushes the door open the whole way, leaning into the door frame. Zoey nods, eyes going back to the ceiling. Things in the room float for a moment.. small things. Then float back down, Zoey’s telekinesis returning. She then asks, “Aye, why am I sensing some telekinetic energy ’round you?”
Lily eyes her a moment. “What?” Zoey pushes herself off the floor, moving the sheets back onto the bed. She turns back around. This time, through a telepathic message, <Try doing this. Same way you made contact with me when you were trapped in my head.> Lily raises an eyebrow, confused. “Uh, Ok..”
<Like this?>
Then Zoey looks at Lily with shock in her eyes. “Holy shit you got powers too!” Aaaaannd now Lily was confused. “The fucks that mean?” Zoey laughs a small bit, a surprisingly genuine smile crossing her lips. “You got telekinesis, Lily. Might only be telepathy for now but shit you got my abilities!” Lily looked at her a moment.. “Is this from being in you’re mind..?” To which, Zoey nods. Lily raises a hand, brushing her fingers through her hair. “Holy shit..”
Now comes the time for Zoey to teach Lily how to do things, rather the other way around..

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