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}Twine Update{ – Zombie Apocalypse; The First Day

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[So….zombies. Zombies just about everywhere you looked now. They were on the grass, on the dirt, on the pavements and pathways. On the roads, on the streets, in the alleyways and overgrown forest paths. They’re in huts, homes, skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants, retirement homes. They’re in space, in the air (falling), walking, running, standing, sprinting, jumping, grabbing, biting, snagging, devouring. They’re /everywhere/]


[They were accompanied by a total re-shaping of certain areas, and a mix & match of landscaping and structure damage everywhere else. The damned asteroid that brought the beasts here; which was that chunk of Planet 9; damaged a great bit of the world around them. Mountains shook and turned upside down; quite literally; at the force from the impact. The very crust and tectonic plates were risen and shovelled by the massive chunk of another planet’s crust. Sea levels were raised, storms were forged, weather was driven mad, as were the inhabitants. Many, many people died here initially, and more so would be dying right this moment, as more zombies piled upon the living, and devoured them entirely. They didn’t seem to convert, rather just simply die to the ever hungry mass of flesh and taint]


[Some parts of the land, too, previously hidden by the churning seas here, a bit below the equatorial line, had been risen by the shattering of the crust and earthquakes, which gave rise to the tsunamis in the first place. If one was able to get a decent view from a seaside port of Twine for example, not too far off there was a new mountain range that didn’t exist a day ago, remnants of small islets and shallow seas now churned by the apocalyptic madness]

[Twine was in a rather bad spot. Rained upon by perhaps slightly less, though still significant amounts of zombies and debris from the impact site many hundreds of miles north, and hit by a few after-effects, such as medium earthquakes, and one or two short tsunami’s, had caused damage to a lot of the once flourishing lands and peaceful structures, and their equally peaceful inhabitants. One of these, Kaler himself, had been meditating during this pre-cataclysm, waking fully only to the sound of, quite literally, the biggest bang in the universe. Before he could go to assist anywhere else, Twine was already under siege, and it’s easy to see that his home came first]


[The second the madness began, or perhaps beforehand even as the asteroids and zombies rained down from above, Twine went into automatic action, dispelling the residents & tourists and all others from the island, or into organised bunkers and what not. Twine was under full evacuation, or sheltering. Sheltering were for those volunteering, or those who had specific duties here; or you know, those who didn’t manage to make it to portals. But most if not all people, animals, and beings of all accounts were stowed away into portals of many varying sizes. Some fighting ensued, though with the aid of the ever-helpful Sun Boy, they were able to succeed, giving the people of Twine hope that they’d live to see their homes another day]


[And now, the island lies in somewhat ruin. The streets are free of commerce, laughter, happy-thoughts and optimism for the future of this land. Rather, the land is once again tainted by the blood of innocents, mixed in with the taint that made home within the abominations of flesh and gore that were the zombie hoards. Anyone else who wasn’t saved were fresh meat. Any animals scurrying around were just another item at the snack bar. Buildings were broken, battered, beaten, burnt, all sorts of b’s. The islands of Grimvale to the south were likely hit hard, also. The mountains had gashes and wounds carved into them. The forests of lush greenery were burning and rotting with the stench of death. The marshlands were sullied with blood and gore. The deadly silence broken only by the screams; ohh the screams; of people and zombie alike]


[Though the resident sun boy sees no time to stop. He’s constantly out there in Twine, looking for survivors of the recent bombardment, whilst also taking a few, high-flying voyages out to the other continents. He’s refraining from portals for now, those were for civilians only. He didn’t want to wind up in a pile-up, and endanger not only himself, but others too. Flying was his best means, and he covered vast distances with ease, but to his misfortune, most areas were infested, or deserted. It was looking grim, and the normally optimistic boy felt himself rather wrong-footed. He also hated the fact that he wasn’t there with people he knew; the unexplained absence of Kida, potentially keeping portals running for civilians, didn’t help too much, but he trusted in the Goddess’ motions, even if they were unseen]


[He could only hope that the rest of the world were doing alright, if at all. He hoped his friends and acquaintances were doing well too. If only he could find some of them, lead them somewhere safe. But….where /was/ safe anymore? Besides some thankfully maintained caves and bunkers….the land just wasn’t the same anymore]

[And it had only been one day….]

    1. Author
      æ Kaler Eland æ 2 years ago

      }Subject to any needed changes in the future, to fit the style of Twine more. Am still learning xux{

    2. You did good, Kaler! Nonami = much like.

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