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Twist and Turn

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The screws seemed to be tightening around my temples.  

The voices constantly pounding in a never ending drone of noise.  

My eyes hurt from squinting to force the visions from my brain.  

The Light gets dimmer every day and with the coming darkness, my mood changes also.  

Vile thoughts begin pushing into me as that nature that I gladly gave up comes creeping back with a vengeance.  

I had let the Light down.  He seemed to be the only one that truly understood this conflict within me.  

The conflict of my dark nature at war with the light of possibilities.  His own story held glimpses of mine.  His path paralleled my own journey.  I must find a way to resist.  I must find my Mother…

yes find your Mother it is important for you to find your mother  ….

NO I shout to the air, I must find my Mother she will be able to help me….

you must find your Mother and Kill her!!  …

NO!!! I will find her and she will help me resist…

Hahahahahahaha You will find her and she will be finished!

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  1. lass the dark assassin 10 years ago

    *chuckles softly* tis little matter as i have lived for 800,000 years i think i may have lost 200,000 or so along the line some where

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