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Two weeks, One vow. The place of no return. (Part III)

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A gash above his right eye, a slice across his chest and a nice cut across the left side of his throat, as if something had attempted to take a bite, only to be forcibly ripped away. Chest heaving with heavy breath as he stares up at the raised seat. Three steps leading up to the patio of sorts that the shabby throne is settled upon. The man upon it finally settling down his glass of scarlet red bloodwine to look down at Aaron.

You’ve proved yourself to be quite a nuisance. But prey do tell…. What’s so important that you thought it smart to throw away your life. Who were they to you, whoever it was that I killed? For there were many. 

The words are said with such a careless air. As if that man, the master vampire, couldn’t care less. He’s heard it all before. Mothers, brothers, fathers and sisters. Everytime someone thinks to come after him with such vigor, it’s because he’s killed someone ‘precious’ to them. It’s becoming tedious after all this time. But yet, Aaron’s answer still has the ability to surprise him.

They were an innocent. That is all that is important. I don’t even know her name, only that someone that young didn’t deserve so brutal an end.

He’d watched as this man, this “Master Vampire” had torn the throat out of a defenseless beggar, just age thirteen at best. The young woman had no chance from the start, and Aaron had been just seconds too slow to save her life.

I made a vow to stop those who, like you, prey on the innocent. It doesn’t matter if I know them or not.

The vampire stares down at Aaron for a few long moments, before slowly standing to his full six foot height. Alabaster skin offset by hair as bright as the sunlight the man can no longer enjoy. And then like a flash, he’s darting towards Aaron. If this young pup wanted to challenge him, he certainly wouldn’t deny him. But instead, he’d make it the boy’s last mistake.

Aaron’s limbs, still heavy from the effects of the bite he’d been given by one of the Master’s bodyguards, are too slow to fully evade the oncoming attack. So instead he is forced to take it. The full force of a well-fed vampire in full control of his strength, slamming his fist into Aaron’s chest. The sound of bones snapping in the young man’s chest as his body is sent backwards into a wall with a heavy thud. Blood spewing from his mouth in just a small amount as some of his supper attempts to rise back to the surface. Animal blood, as it is with most nights, making him even weaker still than this brute of an elder.

The Elder vampire is quick to follow up. As soon as Aaron’s body is impacting the wall, the master vampire is flashing over to him once again, his foot rising up to impact the young man’s chest, sending him flying backwards through the wall. The guards begin closing in on him, but his vow suddenly races through his mind. And Varn’s final words as well. If he dies here, if he lets himself be killed, then Varn shall take control….


Aaron watches as his body is controlled, unable to do anything but simply observe. Be a spectator within his own mind. There is nothing. Simply nothing. Finally the young man feels at ease, no pain, no turmoil, not even loss. Varn has taken those, taken them away and made Aaron whole, despite how much he’s attempting to torment the young man, there is nothing he can say that gets through.

But that’s not to say that he doesn’t try. No, the words are constant, neverending, and echoing through the darkness surrounding his form.

If it would have been me, she wouldn’t have died.

I could have stopped your weakling of a father.

Your mother is a whore, a filthy little whore, and she gave birth to a bunch of weaklings.

Varn throws every insult he can think of at Aaron, and they just fall on deaf ears. And in all honesty, every failed attempt only makes it worse, only makes the demon more angry. Until the point that he snaps, the point where angry words and small insults aren’t enough, he knows he needs to strike deeper, to hit something even closer to Aaron’s heart. And that’s when he hatches his plan.

Aaron gets to watch as his body finally moves, Vaun forcing it to stand and then beginning to walk. Well, not ‘walk’ persay, more like jump from location to location, slipping in and out of shadows. Heading for the Northern Continent. Heading for the town of Consequence, a place that Aaron recognizes instantly, and finally it makes him stir, just the pure curiosity of what Varn has planned for him now.

He steps into the tavern now, covered in soot and ashes, smeared with blood and gore, the way that he had died, all for the fact that the hole in his chest has been repaired. And no one even questions the lack of a heart beat, for the simple matter of him being a vampire, his heart shouldn’t bleed, in most people’s thoughts. Although it had before, but they had smallish brains, they never noticed such a small change. Nor did they notice the red streaks in his hair.

So, instead of realizing that it wasn’t Aaron, not properly, they only saw what Varn had hoped. A young child in need of care, so traumatized by his sister’s death that he was refusing to believe it. And then he hears someone ask to see his sister, which finally has Aaron paying full attention. And Varn can feel it, he can feel the pure shock that runs through Aaron’s soul as it begins to dawn on him, this devil’s plan.

Don’t do it, Varn…..

His words gain nothing but a faint smirk, of course. They both knew there was nothing Aaron could do, he was too far gone and too little too late. Because they were already moving, the air rippling around the group as they traveled instantly to the grounds right in front of a ‘fully repaired’ Rousseau mansion.

Those who had come with him followed the young demon into the house, walking on the oddly solid ‘floor’, which Varn had created through an illusion. Overlapping an illusion and his control over air to create a perfectly solid replica of the mansion, even if sections of the wall did ripple with distortions. And some of Delilah’s paintings had odd little misplaced parts in it that made them look all the more terrifying.

Aaron watches as Varn leads them through the house, knowing where the demon is heading. And once again he warns him..

Don’t do this, Varn…. This is still my body, dammit!

And once again his words go unanswered. The door to his bedroom, his and Elexia’s bedroom, opening as Varn pushes it. Still playing the role of a traumatized child, he moves over to the bed, one of the few things that had survived the fire, at least partially. On that bed, he has Elexia, a scarf around her neck to hide the line where it had been severed from her body. Her body covered up with a blanket.

Shhhhh….. Don’t wake sissy up.

The words are quietly whispered to the amassed group as Varn slowly peels back the blanket, to show elexia ‘sleeping’ in their bed. Right where she always slept. And then someone says it, exactly what he’d been hoping for.

Aaron…. Aaron, she’s not sleeping. She… Elexia’s gone. She died.

A smile creeps into place on Varn’s lips as he finally does the one thing guaranteed to piss Aaron off. His control over air reaching out towards his sister and then beginning to control her, working her body like a puppet. She slowly stands up off of the bed. Her head flopping at an odd angle, nearly falling off before Varn catches it. And then she just stares at Aurora, and Amelie, who had both come with him. She turns to pass a glance over Annie.

See? I told you, sissy is fine. But she’s always cranky when she wakes up, so you guys should leave.

Varn speaks his words so effortlessly, and then Aaron just snaps inside of his head. Anger broiling over the top as he begins screaming at his demon.

STOP! Stop this shit RIGHT NOW!

This is MY body! And that is MY SISTER!

His blood boils with rage as he begins his struggle with Varn, a surge of power seeming to come from no where, no where but his rage. Had Varn pushed him to this limit on purpose? Thinking back now, he realizes it’s quite possible that he had. That he’d known what would happen next. Outside of their minds, it all seems calm, and normal. Just as it is within Varn’s mind, as finally he reappears before Aaron, standing there with a smile on his face.

You think you deserve this body? But I’m having so much fun…. I’m not going to give it back for free, little boy. Tell me, what will you pay? What do I get out of it?

I’ll make you a deal… 

His words are slow, quiet, just barely whispered, but Varn perks up, his grin growing as he looks directly at the boy.

You have my attention….

Give me back my body for now…. On a loan. I don’t ask for it back completely, but just for a while.

And how will we decide when I get it back? When it’s old and frail, time having laid so much upon it that I can do naught but waste away?

No…. You’ll get my body back, and I will disappear completely, when I feel as though my goal has been accomplished….

And which goal is that, young pup?

To exterminate evil. Not all of it, I know I can’t do it all on my own. But, once I feel as though I’ve done enough, that I’ve put enough evil to rest in order to earn a rest of my own, this body shall be yours. Are we agreed?

Varn thinks it over, turning the words over within his mind slowly, trying to find a loophole or a way around it. Of which there were simply thousands. Which quite frankly pleased him. So he nods, extending his hand to the boy.

In that case, may your days be spent wisely, because I will be watching, and I will know when you’ve done your share. And on that day, your body shall be mine. And should you fail, should you die before you’re due. I will call the deal closed, and you shall be mine.


NO! The word passes through his lips in a roar, and he’s suddenly flipping over onto his back, twisting on the ground to kick both guard’s feet out from under them. Surging up to his feet amongst the rubble of the wall, he snarls at his three opponents, crouching down as he backs up towards the banister behind him. Pressing his back against the ledging of this third floor balcony.

If you think you’re enough of a man to be my demise, prove it. I shall kill the three of you. No second chance remains for you.

His words are growled out through extended fangs, his emerald eyes narrowing into slits as he watches, waiting for the first one of them to make a move. And it was one of the guards that gets the balls to do something first. The head of his spear slamming out towards Aaron’s chest suddenly, with the speed of two hundred years practiced grace behind it.

And yet Aaron manages to bring his arm up to knock the spear away, grabbing the shaft with his hand and pulling on it forcefully. The weapon leaving the vampire’s grasp even as he’s being tugged, stumbling over closer to Aaron. Who lunges suddenly, grabbing hold of the man’s throat in his teeth and simply ripping it free. Blood spurting from the hole in the undead’s throat, but it wasn’t a fatal blow. Not to a vampire. And Aaron remembered that a second too slow. For two fists impact his chest. Sending him flying backwards. Crashing through the banister and tumbling end over end to the concrete below, where he hits with a sickening thud.

A cackle of laughter sounds from his lips as he pushes himself to his feet, spitting the blood from his mouth to clear it of the taste of that disgusting bastard, and then his eyes are moving skyward to watch as both guards are descending towards him. One of them still dripping scarlet from the hole in his throat.

As soon as the first one lands, weaponless and injured, Aaron is flashing towards him. Magical speed mixing into that of his physical form until his body is nothing but a blur. And suddenly his hand is cupping around the vampire’s face. His speed stopping for a moment as if the world pauses…. Hanging in suspension for a brief second, before he bends at the waist and the back of that vampire’s head slams into the pavement beneath his body, his skull splitting open and brain matter splattering across the pavement.

And then a sword is piercing through his chest, right where his heart should be. A grunt of pain hissing through his fangs as his right foot flashes backwards, to slam into the chest of that second vampire. Aaron’s body straightening back up as he licks the squishy pink goo from his palm, grinning at his new opponent as his hands both press flat against each side of the blade, easing it back out of his chest slowly and then letting it simply fall to the ground. Not a drop of blood spilling from his truly undead body.

Oops. You missed.

He says the words quietly, hissing them out. The other vampire simply stares at Aaron for a few moments, staring at him as if in fright. True fear flashing across his face, as he finally understands what it is that he’s facing down. This is no vampire, it’s not even that much a living being. This creature is simply, insane…. And he has nothing to lose.

On that revelation, the second guard, gaining his senses, suddenly turns to flee. But he’s too much too late to get away. For the moment that he’s spinning around, a knife is sailing for his head. Aaron’s body crouched low, his left hand angled out as if it had just left his right boot, that combat boot he always wore. And the knife sailing through the air? His hunting knife, that replica of Irena’s. Which hits the vampire’s body and sails right through.

Aaron’s aim was perfect, just as Irena had taught him. The weapon sailing directly through the vampire’s neck and coming out the other side. With the perfect spin as well. Aaron changing it in the air into the shape of a perfect disk, so when it hits the vamp’s neck. It completely severs it. Separating head from shoulders and letting both halves topple to the ground. And then the knife is sailing back towards Aaron’s outstretched hand, hitting his palm. His wrist flicking to flick the blood off of it, although his tongue runs over it to collect what’s left before he shoves it back into his boot.

The vampiric leader watches as Aaron seems to simply float back up towards him, landing back on that third floor ledge and then slowly walking towards him.

You have nothing left. Simply stop now, and I shall make your death painless. That is your one and only warning, if you resist, then you will feel pain unimaginable.

His words are said in such perfect calm, his eyes falling on the vampiric elder as he awaits his response. But, as all those who believe they are the strongest in the universe, he doesn’t step down. Instead, he presses a button on the arm of his chair, wooden spikes suddenly sailing from the ceiling and walls towards Aaron’s body. A grin passing his face as he believes the boy incapable of avoiding them all…. Of which, he isn’t wrong.

Aaron can’t avoid them all. Instead, he suddenly spins on a single heel, closing his eyes and concentrating on the air around his body, just as Simone had taught him. One hand reaches out to snag a single stake, just as the air is suddenly pushing outwards from his form, a spinning dome of wind wrapping around his form, throwing all of the stakes but the single white oak stick he had snagged out in every direction but towards him. And then his hand is releasing the slab of white oak, sending it sailing into the wrist of the vampire before him, pinning that wrist to the back of the chair.

Bad choice. Now, I’m going to make sure you understand exactly what they felt. Everyone one of those humans you so needlessly slaughtered.

His hand slips into his pocket slowly. And he pulls out a single pill. A quick-dissolving capsule coating a sickly green-glowing powder. Any who are native to this planet know what it is with a single look. It’s AM, in the form of a pill. And Aaron begins striding over towards the vampire with it. Raising his free hand to fire three more stakes from the gauntlets Irena had gifted him. One at each ankle, and then another at the remaining wrist, pinning the vampire perfectly to his throne. Trapping him there with the least lethal shots Aaron knows.

His grin slowly grows as he grabs hold of the vampire’s hair, jerking his head back hard enough he nearly snaps his neck, and then forcing his jaw open, only to shove the pill down the man’s throat, watching as the tablet dissolves on his tongue, and the powder is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream. Quickly and efficiently turning the man human. At which point, Aaron leans down, baring his fangs for the man to see. Pure ivory fangs, still dripping with the blood of the first guard.

And then those fangs are ripping through flesh, tearing into the throat of the ex-vampire, as Aaron feasts on his blood. His Anti-magic laced blood. Not even caring that it makes his fangs retract slowly, that it takes the majority of his speed, and strength away. No, he only cares that it makes this once-strong vampire scream in terror as he feels his life slowly draining away. Which is why he drains him until he stops screaming, after which he simply rips his head right off of his body, spitting out the last mouthful of his blood in disgust.

And then….. Aaron simply laughs. Laughter rolling off of his tongue in waves as he stares at the decapitated form of the human before him. Not caring of his tattered clothing, the hole in his leather armor, or the numerous wounds on his body, slowly bleeding his newly-ingested blood. He simply laughs in the most psychotic manner, falling down to the ground as the weakness takes hold, and yet he remains laughing all the more.

You’re getting closer every day, Aaron…. Every one you stop brings your end just another day closer…..

(And, so ends this part of the tale. And yet, it’s not an end, only a beginning. I hope you all have enjoyed my writing, even though this last blog has been long enough to make my body ache from writing it. ^^ I hope it’s as good for you guys to read as it was for me to write.)


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