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Uhrmachers – A Guide

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Uhrmachers. Watch-Makers.

Olde Watch alone cannot secure order and prosperity for all of Hellifyno. When crises arise, it is always a group of heroes, rogues, and champions that step up and answer the call to action to stop the coming destruction…


Olde Watch wishes to take the next logical step.


Uhrmachers are meant to be a specialized group of individuals working together as well as separately towards one goal – protecting the people of Hellifyno.


Though they be receiving oversight and assistance from Olde Watch in the form of resources, supplies, equipment, transportation, and weaponry, Uhrmachers are meant to come from all walks of life. Not all Uhrmachers need to be Olde Watch citizens, and magicals are not prohibited from joining.


Rather than acting as law enforcement in city-states that have no official lawful code, Uhrmachers are instead meant to respond to threats that they see.


Example – A zombie witch walks down the streets of Consequence, needlessly slaughtering dozens of people at a time. An Uhrmacher is supposed to respond quickly to this, neutralizing or destroying the threat in order to protect people.


What Uhrmachers are not meant to do is exercise any form of authority over citizens. They may not ‘order’ citizens of any city-state to obey laws that do not exist where they reside. Uhrmachers are only meant to prevent the loss of life in the event of deadly and catastrophic occurrences.


Uhrmachers are also not meant to replace or absorb other heroes/rogues/etc. that also do their part to help others on their own accord. They are encouraged to collaborate with such individuals when the time calls for it, as well as their fellow Uhrmachers.


Uhrmachers will be overseen by Olde Watch, but do not have any direct allegiances to the city-state or any other. When Uhrmachers operate in another city-state, they are meant to not cause issues for local government and leaders as long as this does not interfere with an Uhrmacher’s duties. Any Uhrmachers that step out of line will be dealt with as necessary, matching the offense.


Uhrmacher Creed:

Your job, should you choose to accept it, will be to serve life itself; safeguard lives and property; protect the innocent, the weak, and the peaceful from deception, oppression, intimidation, violence, and disorder; to respect the rights of all living beings to liberty, equality, and justice.

Recognize your badge as a symbol of public faith. Strive to achieve your goals. Dedicate your life to preserving order. Keep watch.



In short, don’t think of Uhrmachers as cops, but don’t think of them as mercenaries either. They aren’t created to be law enforcement, or to police people. They aren’t a move for Olde Watch to force or implement their laws on other city-states, either. Think of them as “public” private detectives/security guards. They aren’t for hire, but they are meant to serve the people.


If you are interested in becoming an Uhrmacher, please, message or PM me on this account.


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