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Unscheduled Vacation, Orbital Location, Nar Shaddaa: (Present Day) – 12.11.17

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Kirk nodded in return, though his meal was already nearly finished…

Where was he?

The Blue Moon Tavern with his Crew. Kara. Danvers…

Just getting over last night….

Chew. Gulp.

He gestured to Harry to bring him another Steak/Egg breakfast.

Why? Well, for someone like him: one never knows, right?

If he’ll be hauled off to a prison barracks somewhere, right?


Kirk checked his communicator and he got a message from one of his men.

However, his fury is distinctly within his face with the news.

So much so that he got up and out of his chair, told Danvers, “I’m getting some air. Tell Harry to wait on that second breakfast” And he’s out the door….

Once Outside, however, while making his Call…


Kirk kept his voice down once he got on the call, “What do you mean, the information was wrong?” Even as he paced just outside of the door for the Tavern, while one of his personnel informed him that the Tie Facility, speculated information: for the Imperial Registry was not correct. The files that they did manage to obtain were not the correct Data-Pads. In reaction, Kirk continued to Pace, “Then where can it be found? Do we have to start all over again?” FRUSTRATION boils all around Him.

Meanwhile, the soldier on the phone replies, “….You need to Come Home”

And those very words made Kirk: Stand-Still, looking up to the sky….Something was wrong……


A Familiar voice pipes in, reminding him, *Hope contained leads to resentment, which leads to hatred and fear which leads, to the inevitable dark side. Come home.*


Kirk remembers Palpatines exact words…

Even now. Come Home…

Is such a disturbing pair of words. Come. Home…

Yet when Kirk looked back over to the Tavern…

Kirk didn’t SEE the Tavern. Kirk remembers It all…


Even as his personnel is describing other possible tactics to retrieve said data.

Mentally: Kirk is in yet another setting…

The Death Star, and staring back at both Palpatine and Darth Vader.

What happened on that ship??

He was hardly lucid during his captivity there, on THAT YARN BALL. Gulps…..

Back to the Present Day!

Kirk was transported to one of his own ships!

Which was the kicker for the event!

Kirk was brought in by various Death Troopers to meet with who-ever’s got a bug up his ass this time, right? No. Executor-Class Star Destroyers were always important. Presently, his limbs weren’t restricted: but that meant nothing in the scheme of things to come…Kirk was wondering if this was yet another Episode? If so? Was he going through yet another one, during the call to his own personnel? Surprise…

..Kirk’s weapons were removed upon arriving on-board……………



Director Orson Krennic made certain precautions, Certain For The Captain, for his arrival to the Executor-Class Star Destroyer. Orson stood within the rather darkened room, which could have been taken for an interrogation room. Dark. Black. “Welcome back, Kirk” He was not smiling, “We’ve all come to a decision that Your Plans are Too Risky and will create An Unholy Torrent of Back-Lash for all Involved” Small pause, “…Rethink Your Plans for Coruscant…….Before we Rethink your involvement with US”


Kirk was…shoved….into the desolate room, where he saw Krennic of all people? And his massive line-up of Death-Troopers as well. What the hell is his problem now? Eventually, Kirk stood to his full height and took some stormy breaths. “We’ve gone over this enough” Kirk maintained his stance, “…I’ve agreed with you on backing off for certain locations. But teleporting me up here without my authorization is not one I take to kindly. Where are my crew?” Kirk shouted, “AND YOU WILL NOT DO THIS AGAIN! THESE ARE MY SHIPS!”


Orson ignored the last of Kirk’s Words. “We Are. Those that are consorting with you, Kirk. Are taking tremendous Risks. Our Operations will be jeopardized, which means that your operations will be removed: If WE ARE REMOVED FROM ACTION” He says, “And if My…Suggestion…Is not heeded?” He says, “Others will be on the receiving end of our Wraith. Now? Are we on the same War Path? Are we of the same mind-set?” He persists, “…Just remember, Kirk. It would never TAKE much to inform The Emperor of where his lost Apprentice is located?” Orson allowed that to sit, and Silence Reigned….


“We Are” Kirk admitted. Yet Orson had even stilled Kirk where he stood. The Emperor. Palpatine. The one to which Kirk had only communicated with a few days ago. “I’ll Uh” He stumbles in his words, “Fix those Target Trajectories for all involved” Humbling Experience, “Provide them to me and I’ll get right to work on it” Role Reversal…


“Send him back to his Crew” Orson orders, “…The one that he calls Family” He says, “…The new targets will be provided, Kirk. Play by Our Rules and We can Win”

And with that? Kirk was removed from his own ship…

Back to Hellifyno…

Kirk’s Weapons would be returned to him before his arrival to planet Hellifyno...


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