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Valkyrie Log: Star Date 2171 (1)

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Ships Log

Star Date 2171

Captain Kirk Recording.

From The Valkyrie, (small print) – Whiskers.

The Valkyrie remains in orbit over planet Hellifyno. 




Mission (2171 through 2176+)

The (Five-Year) Time-Frame of Our Mission, Has Not changed. 

There is a possibility, that this could go Beyond, The Five Year Time Frame. 



Alex Danvers (DEO Agent/Federation Officer)

Asriel Dreemurr (Deity)

Cairo (Anomaly)

David 8 (Human-Like Cybernetic Individual) – Provided by The Federation.

>(Manufacturer –


Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Technical/Science)

Joule Adams (Technical/Warfare)

Joseph Mozzillo (Technical/Science)

Katherine Kane (TBD)

Kestrel (Synthetic)

Mallory (Tactile Reality Syphon)

Mikhail Ivan Nikolai Markovic (Counselor/Sea Deity/Relative)

Walter (Advanced Synthetic Companion) – Provided by The Federation.

>(Manufacturer –


Shadow Recruits

Katherine Kane (TBD)

Khalass Vrinn (TBD)

Oleah Elidyr (Weapon Smith)

Rohakeel Semba (Counselor)

VRAZZ (Counselor/Former Borg/Not With The Collective)

Pending Recruits

Dean Winchester

Leaner (Former Fugitive)?

Magneto (Former Fugitive)?

Muir Razkin (Sea Spirit)

Enemy Combatants

Coquette (Multi-Shifter – From Chambling)

John Harrison (Khan)

Maynarkh Dynasty (Trazyn)

The Collector

Vralekth Dynasty

Rescues (Citizens Of Hellifyno)

Captain Rex Hanson Rescued Citizens From Hellifyno At Their Discretion.

How Am I Not Supposed To Be Amazed, And In Awe, Of a Relative, That I Never Met? 

Black Ops Mission On Chambling/Enhancements

The Mission, Invariably, Went Wrong. 

I Was Held Captive There Before Reaching Hellifyno.

Oddly Enough, I Was Allowed Onto Hellifyno At Intermittent Levels. 

I Was Also Quite Weak, And Drugged Up:

When I Received Those Abilities/Enhancements From Others On Hellifyno. 

I’ve Only Just Discovered These Enhancements Over The Past Few Days. 

It’s a Private Matter: Which Means a Great Deal Of Contemplation.

Gifts From A Goat Deity

I’ll Obtain Them From Their Hiding Spot On A Certain Planet.

Undisclosed. No Further Words. Unless Dealing With The Goat.

The Four Autopsy Results/Enterprise-A

Medical/Science Sections Were Affected. 

This Is Another Suspicious Matter That Hasn’t Been Resolved.  


Captain George Samuel Tiberius Kirk, Senior

Purportedly Deceased On The USS Kelvin (NCC-0514).

New Information has Revealed George’s Death to Be False.

>Status Changed from, Casualty, to: MIA, (Missing In Action)


Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu (USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A / Helmsman).

>He Died with Honor, Facing the Enemy Combatant: John Harrison.

>He Destroyed The Enterprise Controls before Harrison could manipulate the Ship.

>Sacrificed His Life, to Save The Crew: Including, Planet Hellifyno and Beyond.


Rex Hanson (Relative). (USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A / Captain)





>Captained The Enterprise, Without Formal Educational Guidance. 

>I Envy His Confidence:

>And: To Adapt To Every Scenario…

>Rex Hanson Posed As Me For Over (3+) Months…

>I Also Regret: That I Never Got To Meet Rex Hanson…

>He Died with Honor, Facing the Enemy Combatant: John Harrison.

>Sacrificed His Life, to Save Those Around Him: Including, My Own.

Haunting – Captain Rex Hanson

Innocuous Ghost. 

He’s Verbally Communicated with Danvers.

He Move’s Objects, And Writes On The Walls.

Dark Sunglasses Appear, Along With A Welcoming Chill.

Valkyrie, (small print / Whiskers) – NX-01 (NX Class)


After The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A was destroyed by: John Harrison. 

I Was Offered/Accepted, by Admiral Barnett:

This Decommissioned NX-01 Class Ship. 


Valkyrie, (small print /Whiskers) – NX-01 Class – Updates:

Ablative Armour, 

Borg Cutting Beam,

Cloaking Capability, 

Temporal Shielding, 

Warp 9.9 Travel Speeds, 

Enhanced Weapons Grid,

Particle Whip (Anti-Matter), 

Enhanced Quantum Shielding.









Alien Life Forms/Off-Branch-Org-Members

The Fractured Agreement Remains Intact. 

Unknown To Their Leader, (Orion), Commander.

Leadfoot Is In Stasis In The Federations Infirmary. 

I Acquired (Leadfoot) with The Cooperation of (Orion’s) Men.

Leadfoot Continues To Make Improvements Despite His Earlier Prognosis. 

Spock/Medical Evaluation

Spock Eventually Returned To The Enterprise. 

He Refuses to Comment Regarding Those (2+) Weeks.

Hellifyno/Transient Citizens

I’m Utilizing The Notes Left Behind By Captain Rex Hanson. 

Hellifyno/Technology/Light Sabers/Phasers/Shields

All Light Saber Technologies Were Destroyed Upon (Orion’s) Orders. 

Notes Indicated That (Orion) Would Provide Tentative Clearance For Plasma Blade Technology.

I’m Unsure If That Agreement Remains Intact, Since My Early Departure From Hellifyno in 2170.

Force Sensitive Individuals (FSI)

Could I be a Force Sensitive Individual?

And: What Happens Once I Obtain That Enlightenment?

I’m Also Aware That Dealing With Force Sensitive Individuals Might Cause Problems?

Am I So Selfish, That I’ll Follow In Rex Hanson’s Steps? 

And: Will I Make More Enemies?

By Putting Myself

And Others?

Into Unwinnable Situations?

Hope For The Best…

Expect The…Win-Win…

The Future

I’m Not Entirely Sure What Will Happen Back On Hellifyno?

I Can Only Hope To Look Forwards Towards The Future…



April Is Nearly Here!

And The Odds Are Beyond Insurmountable!

Look Over Your Shoulder! It Won’t Be Enough!

Pick Up Your Weapon! You’re Not Fast Enough!



Is Always



Kirk Out!



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