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Vanishing of eastern village.

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Xildrit, the denier

–__–_—–_—_-_-___—nn-n-Nn-nn__nN-nnEN NEW SCENE Enn Ee E – -e_e -e-e -e_-e- -e–e — — — ___ _- -_ _- —
It seemed today, it was about to rain. The skies had turned dark, and with the violet hue, it almost felt like sun was about to set a little bit too quick. Children played at the village of the eastern continent, built on some long forgotten, less than important runes. Their eyes looked at the sky, as the clouds had a strange violet tinge. It was rare for dragons appear here. Even rarer for dragons like this. A death from above unseen. Unnoticed. It appeared as if everything was alright. Just darker, that is all. The children laughed, playing the ball in the stone paved clearing, while the elders sat and discussed the strange sky. Men did not bear arms. What would they fight? Clouds. No, all was well in the ruin village. As the skies fell over it with an iridescent violent tinge. There was no roar. There was no wind. Just scary… stillness…
Xildrit, the denier
It all began with a cough. Mild cough from a child that had picked up a ball, as it almost felt like ashes were falling from the sky. The blue eyes looked at the dark sky, as they noted slight traces of sun still trying to get through the clouds. The elders noted it as well. Perhaps it was a nearby volcano erupting? But there was no volcano in nearby vicinity. No, that would be ridiculous. This made the village weary, as the people began to caught. Weakness fell on their bones, as first palms caught the mucus mixed with blood. Skin began to fall off. Little did the village known, that a heat of radiation had befallen upon the town. The silent killer still nowhere to be seen. A child unnatural and twisted, allowed it’s shadow to be first seen in the clouds by a man, that was sending his wife to the doctor, “What is that?” he murmured, and then it game. Like a ticking gurgle, a low humm, almost like a laughter of a lied out plan, a dragon’s chuckle escaped, filling the land and echoing. Despite the blisters and degenerating skin, the entire village froze. Both in fear and anticipation. “Mommy, I’m—” “Hush!” mother was immediate to silence her daughter, as every single being was afraid to be noticed by that bone chilling gurgle.
Xildrit, the denier
A tail, as long as three minivans slid from beneath the cloud, snaking, before vanishing in the clouds, and a thunder escaped with an unnatural ionized glow. The heat was rising. No, it was not heat. It was pure radiation, that irritated the skin, making it seem hot. First fell the birds, falling lifeless on the ground, with their feathers falling out with the wind, like blood stained mush of decomposing matter. A shadow passed the sky once more, well seen through the antlers of a fallen deer, who had fallen nearby the hunter’s watchtowers. A scent of decay was everywhere, smelling strongly of unnatural odour and, of course, blood. With organs bursting and erupting first fell the children and elders, burned by the unseen sun, that scorched them. Lifeless bodies, some which family members were unable to leave behind. A mother crying as her only child had turned into red pulp on her knees. Despite the pain that was brought as their skin grew together from decomposing matter in her bones and flesh. Screams of pain, sorrow and agony. Fear and confusion filled the village, slowly dying out, all the while the beast. The main perpetrator was not seen by any eye, beside couple glances of a silhouette of a, yes… A dragon…
Xildrit, the denier
The gurgle echoed in the hills, as the clouds moved with each of the massive wings, while the violet tone was growing in a beautiful manner, contrasting the scourge that had fallen upon the land below. Like petals ashes of radiation fell downwards to the ground, poisoning the patches of land. Rendering it dangerous and inhabitable. People fell from the heavy destruction. Women fell, as their lips bulged, their eyelids regressed, making them seem like ugly, fleshy dolls, that one by one lost lives on their faces. The clothing dug into the flesh as if becoming a second skin. Their hair fell, their muscles revealed themselves. There was no time to care for loved ones, as the last men of the village fell to the ground, feeling the sand digging into their exposed nerves, making them moan and scream in pain, while their voices echoed. The walls began to deteriorate, almost as if time had hastened in the village. Roofs collapsed, while scenery of a village battling an unseen foe, with no chance at all became encased in stone. It was a massacre with a perpetrator coming in light. Soon the east of eastern continent echoed with a victorious roar. Dragons. These territorial creatures. Their merciless nature knew no bounds. And this attack served only one purpose. The tyranny of fangs and wings was back.
Xildrit, the denier
The grave of children, elders. Families. A dog fallen in it’s master’s lap. Bleeding eye sockets, falling fur. The undented grave remained behind, as the clouds receded back, along with the roars to message the brothers of proof. Blood of innocent spilled, soaking into the radiated ground, that slowly seeped out. Violet clouds and ashes dancing in the breeze, laced with radiation and death. No birds sang that day. No crickets chirped. No children laughed. The village and the land around it had fallen silent in mere minutes. The skies began to clear out, showing no signs of anything. The violet evaporated, leaving only corpses, that had died from the exposure, and silent, eerie view of the village in ruins. Dropped tools in the time of panic. Families hurdling together to melt in one mass. Forgotten elders and animals. Cattle, lying in the field like rocks. Feathers of chickens passing the land without their owners. Sheep were looking like red bushes. Life itself was overloaded and extinguished. It was done. The village was no more.
_–_–_——–fin — — —_—- –_—_–
Dragon Teers
( ::applauds the good writing! Thinks they should copy this and post it as a blog.:: )

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