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Voilette Children [Skymoon Ancestors Arc] Chapter 8:Part 4

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A Transmission would be broadcasted through the JB1C Comms to all Soulhelm Pact Planets from The Capital

“Good Morning Everyone, rescue missions should be underway for the following kids who still have a chance at a better life and redemption, these must all be done before we attack Earth-VH1 on November 13th 211X” Susan said as she sat at throne before pulling up a list of names and profiles

Sasha Voilette (Age, 14)

Kitty Voilette (Age, 12)

Ron Voilette (Age, 14)

Tyler Se’gustber, Jr (Age, 13)

Jimmy Salmond (Age, 12)

Lunar Salmond (Age, 10)

Nico Se’gustber II (Age, 8) 

Luni Se’gustber II (Age, 6)

Cole Se’gustber (Age, 8)

“Anyone under the Voilette Surname would be in the new world area of Earth-VH1, anyone under the Salmond Surname is in the old world east area and anyone under the Se’gustber surname is anywhere in the old world” Queen Susan said

“These Children must be rescued by anyone who’s willing to raise them as their own and right the wrongs that some of them have been ordered to do” Queen Susan said

“I would also like to publicly thank Morako Xanderson, without her surrender and help, we would not be able to do this until it was too late” Queen Susan said before the transmission ended


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