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Vulnerable. It’s a word. Not only is it a word, or a description..but it’s a feeling. It’s also the way I’m feeling now. I feel as if I’d give anybody anything for the slightest bit of comfort, and reassurance that me and everything else in my life would be ok. But, I wasn’t going to find that, was I? Everyday I feel as though I’m going to be okay. And then, later in the day…things are back to getting worse by the second. Would I ever find a way out? Once again, I’m vulnerable. Vulnerable, Naive, and worst of all….scared. Yes, I admit it. I was scared. After being dumped and ruined, I was vulnerable and looking for a way out of this never ending hole. This guy didn’t want to be anywhere near me. He pretended to like me in an attempt to get what he wanted. If I was vulnerable then, I wouldn’t be a virgin now. I really had to dig deep inside of myself in order to regain who I was. And my dignity. I never thought I’d get that back. But luckily, dignity was something you could lose and then slowly regain… your virginity..not so much. But, in a way..I’m glad I’m leaving soon. And hopefully… I wouldn’t be so vulnerable anymore.

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  1. Cecilia di Sighisoara 10 years ago

    Not to mention that this episode only covered 1 manga. Normally it covers 1 and a half manga~

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