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Wanted alive Lady Sadie Rose … 500 gold coin reward

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“WHERE IS SHE???” Lord Kyros’s enraged voice boomed across the blue stone court room. His chest heaving with his face and balding scalp turning scarlet. Veins on his forehead were pounding as his blood boiled with anger. He was standing at the head of the room, embarrassed with his pride like shattered glass scattered at his feet, his small beady eyes scanned the faces that stared back at him in silence. The 500 people had shown up to witness the prestigious event that was meant to be his wedding to Sadie, but now the guests dared not even whisper a single word, take a breath or move a single muscle. They were mostly Ladies and Lords but also squires, banner men, Knights, council men, high ranking offices of the armies, they were all witnessing his humiliation and soon word would spread across the city. Sadie’s chamber had been found empty, no sign of her only the white wedding gown she was meant to wear laid upon her bed. When one of Lord Kyros’s guards presented him with the dress and told him of her disappearance, Lord Kyros unsheathed his sword and stuck him in the guts. Lifting the sword he sliced the guards belly open spilling out the entrails. He now laid in a large pool of blood, twitching as he slowly died an agonising death, his comrades stood pale in shock.

Taking his eyes off the crowd he turned onto Lord Vettius who sat on his throne unfazed by the events that had just taken place.
“We had a deal…!!!! ” He spat through clenched teeth.

Lord Vettius cut him off mid sentence. “We will find her and when we do…” His mind drifted to thoughts of how she would be punished for her insolence. He sat silent for a moment as he thought.
Then he stood..”Let the gods witness that who ever brings back my daughter Sadie Rose alive will be paid 500 gold coins. Let it be known to every man, women and child for this will not only apply to those who stand before me but to any person. Poor or rich. Bring her here to me and I will pay the reward!… Now go… Spread the word to every person you meet and tell them to spread the word.!…..GO!!!! ” with that everyone scrambled out of the court. Within the hour every highborn , every peasant, whore, baker, blacksmith, farmer within the kingdom knew of the reward set. Within a few hours a band of Lord Kyros and Lord Vettius guards and Knights set out to find Sadie and claim the prize.


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