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  1. Yeliana Hageshi 3 months ago

    “Stand down, I refuse to get my family invovled in another and do you really wish to go against the peace that Warancanos has brought between us” Alyssa paused “If you attempt to bring a ship in the Galaxy, it’ll be destroyed in an instant as the Capital has already banished every member of the GSE”

    • Author

      “Stand down? This is a warning, Hageshi, the Pinkadows have been pillaging our garrisons and killing our people, this cannot be allowed to continue.”

      • Yeliana Hageshi 3 months ago

        “I AM A PINKADOW BLOODLINE MEMBER JANOT, This is childish, cause I would know where everyone in my family was and the last guys tried to arrest Luna and made the first strike..” Alyssa said glaring at the transmission “So get rid of this warning, this was handled 3 years ago and I refuse to allow my people into war again”

  2. Author

    (Okay, are they actually attacking? Because iron told me they were)

  3. Rain 3 months ago

    Settle down you two. Comments are for comments.

  4. Alys 3 months ago


    Y E E T!

  5. Smokey Orion 3 months ago

    Janot can you please write this into the actual warning to the Pinkadow Imposters

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