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Weaponized Mutant Symbiote

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I am a weapon. A mutant expiremented on with an alien parasite, a symbiote. They hoped to create a supermutant symbiote weapon to do their bidding. How foolish they were to think they could contain me.

    How it All Began

Full Name: Mariko Murakami
Alias/Call sign: (if applies) Frost/Permafrost
Age: 18
Height: human form 5’5′ symbiote 6’3 base form varies other times
Weight: human 105 lbs symbiote varies
Hair Color:Black though sometimes changes
Eye Color: Hazel
Identifying Marks: Yin/Yang tattoo on her lower back
Criminal Record (if applies): Breaking and Entering, Grand Theft Auto, Hacking Government files, Stealing.
Previous Employer: Herself, Freelance. Whoever pays her well.
Occupation: (if applies): Hacker, Cat Burgler,Transporter, Tracker.
Please Mark one of the following:
[ ] Civilian
[ X ] Antagonist
[ ] MPAP Defense Technician
[ ] MPAP Client Services
Mutant Power/Ability (in detail please): Cyrokinesis ability to control, manipulate, and create Ice/Cold. Able to freeze objects by direct touch or an ice beam which can keep an object or person imprison or shatter like exposure to Liquid Nitrogen. Able to freeze a person’s blood putting them to sleep like a cryostasis which also works to slow down her own body’s aging process. Can make a snow storm happen in the middle of Summer and reduce temperature of an small area to sub zero conditions. Create ice weapons as strong as stone or steel in some cases if she in a cold or winter like snow environment to amplify her powers. Create many ice structures and radically decrease the temperature of ambient water vapor in her immediate environment, thereby freezing it into ice. She can use water to add to her organic ice armor to boost her powers and has shown other ice base abilities such as Iceman possesses.

Symbiote abilities –
The symbiote enhances the physical attributes of its host, commonly increasing their strength and speed to superhuman levels as well as granting them a range of other powers such as transformation and mass-alteration.

Symbiotes empower the natural abilities of a host to the point where they far exceed that of normal members of the hosts’ species. These abilities include the following:

Superhuman strength.
Superior speed and agility, enhances other physical attributes as well.
Enhanced durability and resistance to damage.
Genetic memory, recalling information from previous hosts.
Enhanced healing ability.
Can expand to any size as long as they have something to grow on such as a host or an object. Symbiotes can get inside of small areas such as electric wires and the insides of cars and completely disable them. The symbiote also reacts to the thoughts and will of the host.
The ability to form fangs or simple bladed weapons out of their limbs.
The ability to form tendrils from their body
The ability to shape-shift, from mimicking clothing up to and including complete change of appearance and stature.
The ability to stick to walls (adapted from Spider-Man).
The ability to produce webbing from its own mass (adapted from Spider-Man).
The symbiote also has empathic abilities, and is able to project desires and needs into the thoughts of its host or potential hosts.[1]
This ability can also aid in detecting the truth from those she interrogates.

Can sense the presence of other beings within a certain distance.
Symbiote bonding protects the host from Ghost Rider’s penance stare.
Venom and its descendants all possess the ability to bypass the Spider-Sense
The ability to create storage portals inside of them (this created easy access to Peter’s camera).
Each symbiote has their own unique ability, such as Carnage being able to see from every direction of his body (this is similar to Spider-Man’s spider sense).
Able to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissues much faster and more extensively than an ordinary human and even fully regenerate severed limbs or missing internal organs.
Immune to the effects of all Earthly diseases and infections as long as she remains bonded with the symbiote
The symbiote also has camouflage abilities and can blend in with its surroundings.
Border-line warning sense and can “see” through her symbiote
She can also detach a piece of her symbiote to send messages to her friends and allies, and she can shape her symbiote to form a membrane that allows her to glide through the air.
Can track anyone, not just other symbiotes or symbiote hosts, as long as she has something to begin from, within the entire city of New York and possibly further.
Being made to be the ultimate symbiote, a super symbiote, she has all the abilities of Venom, Carnage, Toxin, Scream, and Hybrid. As well as a few other symbiotes once coming into physical contact with them.( such as the Electro and Wolverine symbiote)

Compromising Circumstance of Power/Ability (in details please): As with all symbiotes there is the weakness to intense heat like fire and intense sound like sonics. Though the symbiote has mutated to have strong resistance to both, it still will succumb to powerful heat and sonics if hit by it directly for longer then a brief period. The need for a certain chemical (most likely phenethylamine) to stay sane and healthy, which has been said to be found abundantly in two sources: chocolate and human brain tissue. Thus, the host is forced to steal/buy large amounts of chocolate or become an unwilling cannibal who devours the brains of those she kills. Mental instability between host and symbiote can lead to violent urges and a craving for chocolate that leads to vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Separation from the symbiote can lead her to be in a extremely weaken state as well her as symbiote.

Biography (at least 3 paragraphs):
Life for Mariko Murakami was not an easy one. Losing her parents an early age and being stuck in Foster care did not do well for her. The typical Teenage angst of an orphan was apparent with her. Often getting into trouble for starting fights, stealing, breaking into places, as well as illegal hacking. The development of her mutant powers during puberty did not help matters. She learned she had the abilities to freeze objects at the molecular level much like spraying liquid nitrogen on something. Later on her powers grew to not only controlling the cold and freezing whatever she touches, but able to fire ice beams that deliver the same effect.

As her powers continued to grow, her personality became more cold and anti social which lead to many of her deviant behavior. Once she turned into a teenager and was no longer a preteen and learned how to control her powers better, she was able to leave the Orphanage in Los Angeles, California, she took to a life of crime to get by. Breaking into banks, hacking into government databases as she learned to use computers very well from a hacker friend she made in the orphanage and for being locked up with nothing but a computer to keep her out of trouble or so they thought. It was only a matter of time before she got attention from law enforcement and the government. An organization known as Genome Tech, which was working on the research left by the Life Foundation with goals to create a super soldier by making the ultimate symbiote.

It is unknown how they obtain the symbiotes samples that they did but many consisted of the well known symbiotes – Venom, Carnage, Scream, Hybrid, Toxin to name a few. They were working on a new symbiote that have the abilities of its predecessors as well as it own special abilities to absorb the abilities of other symbiotes and perfectly replicate it. They were interested to see the effects of the bonding to a non human and a powerful mutant like her caught their attention. Her escape from the orphanage was short lived as she quickly got captured by Genome Tech. Capturing the mutant called Frost as she now went by, was no easy feat. Aside from being a powerful mutant and happen to be an orphan that was local, they wanted her for her powers which seem identical to those of Ice Man. They wanted a powerful mutant weapon under their control that would prove to be a suitable host for their ultimate symbiote.

Once she was captured, she was taken back to their facilities where a battery of tests were conducted to prepare her for the bonding as well as to test her strength and limits for when they go after Ice Man and other powerful mutants. Once testing was complete and the new symbiote was ready, they introduced the two of them together. The symbiote easily bonded to her due to her weaken state as she would have most likely repel it if she was at full strenght. The symbiote at first began to take control much like Carnage and Venom symbiotes did to their host. Since the symbiote was use to cold harshness of space, her freezing powers did not have an effect at subduing it right away. Her anger at what was done to her allowed the symbiote to control her completely. It was only until time pass that her cold nature began to surface when she often had no human feelnigs that began to allow her to control the symbiote. It was at this point the symbiote tried to form a true symbiotic relationship with its host much like the Toxin symbiote. In which the symbiote will talk and voice its opinions to her.

The loss of her parents, her rough childhood, being kidnapped and used as a human lab rat did cause her to suffer a psychotic breaking during the initial stages which forced the Scientist to keep them subdue by constant exposure to intense sonics waves and heat to prevent it from escaping. At the tender age of 14, she was a test subject, a lab rat, a prisoner until she turned sweet 16 and on her birthday, she began to regain her sanity. As she began to compose herself and enter a stable mental and emotional state, she formed a truce with her symbiote that wanted to be free like her and not stuck like a rat in a cage. Together they broke out of the testing facility and escape by plane to New York City. She always heard stories of the Big Apple and figure it be a better place then Los Angeles.

In order to avoid being captured, she decided to lay low for a while and not commit any high profile crimes. It did not last long as trouble was all she knew. Without the love and guidance of a loving family, turning back to crime made sense for her. It was all she knew and it what she had to do to survive. She often keeps to herself but tries to be sociable and blend in. She allows her symbiote to take over when she is asleep to do whatever it wants within reason, as a means of keeping it under control. She also happens to obtain large quantities of chocolate as it one of the few things that keeps her symbiote happy and under control. She does not see being stuck to the symbiote as a bad thing, not only has it enhance her own mutant powers and physical attributes among the powers her symbiote has. The one nice perk, never having to buy shoes or clothes for her symbiote can mimic any designer labels or article of clothing she desires, what more could a girl want?

Now she lives life in good old NYC, trying to fit in and find her purpose in life while getting into trouble and avoiding the Law. The road ahead is no longer a lonely one with her new life companion. Now that she is bonded to her symbiote and it enhance her mutant abilities she took to calling herself Frostbite in her symbiote form, slight adaptation to her own code name Permafrost. For her it symbolizes her new enhance state of being and the permanent partnership she has with her symbiote. This later lead her to getting a tattoo of the Yin/Yang on the small of her back to symbolize the duality of her nature, her normal self and symbiote self. Though later on she would take the name Chimera for her Symbiote when it would take contr and craft a new identity for itself that disguised it from its host. Her mind still shifts from a broken child to a rebellious teenager but when her Symbiote is in control. Her mind is that of a cold heart, unapologetic adult, that doesn’t care who it hurts and will attack anyone who threatens it or gets in its way.

If you are an escapee from any sort of mutant experimenting/imprisoning facility, please list name, state/country: Genome Tech, Los Angeles, California

Mariko Murakami

    Super Symbiote Chimera


Relationship Status
Single, I’m. Thief, Hacker, mutant with a cold touch and deadly parasitic alien living within my body. Who wants all of that?
Romantic Interests
Unknown. My symbiote has other ideas. My symbiote, she gets jealous of those I begin to show affection too.
Who Am I…
Omega level- S class mutant bonded to an experimental chimera symbiote made from Venom, Carnage, Toxin, Scream,and the four life foundation Symbiotes latered merged into one named Hybrid
My Story Is…
A Cryomancer, ice S class level mutant orphan taken at a young age. She was experimented on countless times to understand the mutant gene. The scientist were curious to see what would happen if a mutant was bonded to a symbiote versus a regular human or meta human. They had a symbiote made from various other symbiotes to create a super symbiote to bond to the ice girl. The symbiote having refused and killed all other hosts it was bonded to. The symbiote would finally be
Bonded to her and it dramatically increased her mutant powers and triggered a secondary mutation. She became a dangerous creation and broke free. Slaughtering everyone and becoming mentally unhinged in the process. During the symbiote invasion. She managed to bond with the symbiotes that bonded to Electro and Wolverine, allowing her to copy their powers. Once she had everything she needed and was now going to hunt down the rest responsible for making her what she is and kill them all.
My Appearance…
Hot, young teenage Japanese girl. Will sometimes take on the form of a buxom, curvy, long legged, blond European female in her early twenties, in order to disguise herself and fool law enforcement and mutant hunters.
Symbiote apperances changes to look like Venom, Carnage, Toxin or a mix of the two or three.
My Name: Mariko Murakami
My mutant name: Frost, later Permafrost when bonded to her symbiote
Symbiote name: Chimera
Combo name as mutant and symbiote : Black Ice, Frost Bite

Age: as Mariko. She appears 16-18. As Chimera. She takes on the form of a buxom, curvy, attractive blond fair skin European girl with an Apperance that looks like it ranges from 20- 23 possibly 24.

Job:: branching storylines. One version she is a Hydra agent. Recruited by them and only works for them to get Intel on the humans who turned her into a mutant lab rat. One different version, she is a Shield agent. Having been hunted down by Nick Fury who sent Spider-Man and his team to track and hunt her down. She was eventually captured and forced to work for shield to hunt down her former employers and track rogue Symbiotes like Carnage. If she didn’t agree to help them she be the tossed into some dark cell filled with constant intense loud noise and heat and throw away the key. The choice was simple after that and she joined Shield(very reluctantly). Third story version. She is a free lance criminal. Genius hacker and adept thief. Makes a living hacking and stealing as well as serving as a transporter and tracker. On one occasion she even did body guard detail but no one took a petite girl like her seriously, least not until she activated her symbiote and slaughtered a room full of harden criminals just to prove a point to her employer.

Likes: Candy, ice cream, any type of frozen desert or ice cold drinks. Chocolates and brains are a delicacy for her symbiote. Likes fast cars and even faster motorcycles. Enjoys dangerous reckless behavior and ultra violence. Loves tinkering with new technology and gadgets. Enjoys a good challenge wether it be hacking or stealing or even racing. Has a soft spot for kittens and serpents. Loves winter and loathes summer. Prefers the cold over the heat anyday. Hates the sun with a passion and loves the moon with equal passion. Likes very aggressive women. (Sexual or none sexual. Mostly she likes the type who make the first move since she seldom a does. Also likes the aggressive in terms of physical activities aka fighting, wrestling, sometimes temperament) likes Amazon warrior women, Likes other Symbiotes naturally ( her symbiote does anyway) she and her symbiote like both Venom and Toxin. Only her psychotic side from her severe bi polar personality likes Carnage. Gets along ok with the other female Symbiote Scream

Status: Anti-Hero /Anti-Villain

Dislikes: Fire, intense heat, summer. Moral self righteous do gooders. Cops, Authority, scientists that conducted experiments on her. Being hungry. Being poor and broke. Being an Orphan. Living on the streets instead of some place nice and cozy. Secretly hates not having a family or a best friend to call her own. Mutant hating humans who make it their single goal in life to hunt her fellow mutants and herself into extinction. Being told what to do. Ultimatums. Rapists. Few other things.

Family :: Orphan. ?
Friends:: None, all dead and/or gone. ? except maybe Venom and Scream, Toxin is unsure status and Carnage is not friends with anyone
Romantic companion:: What woman would want to date a mentally unstable woman with an alien parasite that likes to invade and wrap itself around every part of your body.? No one loves a parasite.

Personality: Her personality is drastically different. Not only by her mental state that fluctuates from child to teenager to young adult, but also her behavior influenced by the symbiote. The symbiote itself, when it is in full control, has its own completely different personality that is sometimes a polar opposite to its host, Mariko.

Species (Optional)
Powers born and gain:: Cryomancer abilities. Symbiote powers which have shown to have the same abilities as female symbiote Scream, the hybrid made from four life foundation symbiotes, Carnage, Venom, Toxin, and stronger then all of them put together. Much like how Toxin is stronger and more powerful then Venom,Carnage, and Spider-Man combined.

She gained additional abilities from the symbiote s that merged with electro and Wolverine. Allowing her to have the exact same powers as the two of them do.

My Secrets Are…
Sometimes my mind slips from child to teenager to adult. I am secretly insane and homocidal.
I miss having a family to love me. Misses her childhood friend who was abducted along with her and died during the torturous experiments they were both subjected too.

Big secret. What few people know is that I am not always in control and I don’t mean the typical symbiote taking over its host. No, what I mean is that the symbiote has a mind and voice all its own and when it takes over, it takes over completely. My body, my voice, apperance, behavior , everything changes when Chimera is running the show. When you see an attractive buxom Caucasian female with a severe bad biker chick attitude, tattoos, lots of leather and Latix. Yeah that is Chimera’s running point.

I Believe…
 Mutant Supremacy. I believe in Magneto Vision for the future. Humans are weak and inferiors to us. We mutants are the superiors species
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