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Well, Shit.

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Tessa drifted towards awake in warmth and comfort. Her eyes slowly opened and she saw dark hair spread out over soft pillows and was instantly awake as she realized that she had spent the whole night literally cuddled up with Angel. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. One of her arms was still draped across his chest and shoulders and she had remained where she had fallen asleep, with her cheek resting on the top of his head, her wings folded over them both.

No. Noooo. This was a bad idea. Slowly, carefully, she retracted her white wings from around them and eased herself back a bit. His arm was wrapped around her waist, so Tessa couldn’t go far, but she pulled away as much as she could. He appeared to still be asleep, not surprising considering the strong drugs he had taken. Her sea green eyes studied him carefully. His expression was softer in sleep, less harsh. She wondered if he meant to look angry all the time or if it was just the by product of his life and surroundings. Her eyes drifted down his chest where his shirt and vest were still open from her medical administrations last night. He was perfect. Beautiful and perfect. She imagined all the Angels must be, no wonder they had such a high opinion of themselves. But beauty wasn’t everything and a perfect outside could easily conceal a very terrifying inside. After all, the clergy claimed the Devil was once an Angel of Light and it was probably one of the truer things they ever said based on what she had learned of these Angels.

Laurent might be different though. That didn’t mean Tessa held any illusions of changing him, of reforming him, of him ever really caring for her or anyone else that might put him out, but there was something different to him. She didn’t quite know what it was just yet or how far it would take him if he wanted to go, but he didn’t like much of what he did or even what he was. She understood that better then he’d probably ever know. It was very, very lonely. 

Tessa bit down hard on her lip and tried to banish such thoughts. Empathizing with the enemy wasn’t bad, it often led to a better understanding of them and when you understood something, it was easier to defeat. But the problem was that she wasn’t just empathizing with Laurent, there was a part of her that genuinely liked him, was drawn to him in a dangerous way. So yeah, empathizing was OK, but cuddling with the enemy was sure as hells stretching the boundaries of good sense. Because while Tessa knew that she was in no danger of ever submitting to him, at least not the way he’d want her to- totally and without reservation, in a way that if he told her to love and worship that Dawn creep she’d ever obey- Laurent wouldn’t see any difference. He’d think she was falling for him like all the other weak, stupid creatures he’d met, and he’d probably use that ruthlessly. 

Dangerous ground, Tessa. She told herself with a sigh. Laurent shifted slightly and she could see where the gash on his head had been. Gently, she moved his dark hair aside and saw that although there was still some bruising, the gash was all but gone. His breathing changed and so did his expression, though his remained closed and she couldn’t help but grin. “Faker…” She said in a soft, teasing voice as she laid back against a pillow and waited for him to open his eyes now that he was obviously awake.


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  1. Author
    Tessa Mavagin 4 years ago

    How old was this Angel? It was like listening to her paternal grandfather talk! On and on and on… Gods, she missed Laurent. Missed their clever conversations and his thoughtful phrasing.

    “Yes, I do see where you are going. Do as I am told, no matter how distasteful, and I will find my living conditions tolerable. Endure my idiotic and gross ‘masters’ attentions for a bit in hope of be able to one day enjoy his benign neglect. In short, you are advising I do not cut off my own nose simply to spite my face.”

    Tessa finished her glass of water and then refilled it. “You’re wrong about Laurent, by the way. I mean, yes, I have no doubt that he did at one time feel exactly as you described, but the man I have spent the last few days with has a very different opinion now. But I am much more interested in you at the moment since I have been given leave to speak freely. You obviously don’t like your work outside of the comfortable life it provides you, you seem down right embarrassed by Gideon’s brutish stupidity…. so why are you doing this still? Is retirement or a career change not an option? And how are you and I going to pass our time together? What is it you are going to do for the idiot you have no respect for?”

  2. Allegra Gliss 4 years ago

    Allegra grinned at him. “I am not sure that system will work in the long run. Seems to be more motivation for me to hurt you then to not.” She joked, looking very contrite despite her teasing. “I’m sorry. The only time I want to take your breath away is….”

    Mother fucker. Dr. Cockblock returns.

    Allegra sighed and just shot Striker a baleful smile as he burst in. It was hard to be mad at him when you were looking at all that youthful exuberance. He was like a puppy. An incredibly smart puppy with awful timing. She took the towel from Jack with a grateful nod, wiping away the sparkle of moisture from her skin. 

    “Oh sweet catholic christ, he’s talking about Juliet?” Allegra said as she put two and two together. “Sorry we didn’t tell you first, Striker. That’s my over sight, you didn’t do anything wrong. She’s not replacing you, technically you replaced her briefly. That woman has been my crossover whenever I am lucky enough to get her ever since the day she helped hold my…” She gestured to her abdominal area, “well, let’s just say she kept my internal parts from becoming external parts on a two hour truck drive down from the Oppenheimer Bolivian outpost.”

    Tossing her towel into the bin, Allegra nodded at Jack. “Yeah, I need to eat what will probably equate to a small horse in order to satisfy Rika and Juliet after all this exertion.” She smiled at Striker. “And don’t listen to Jack, doll, Juliet is not going to eat you. She only bites when you ask her to.”

    He blushed and Allegra just shook her head, reminding herself that she was a terrible person for the delight she took in teasing the kid. They headed up to the dinning room, it was beginning to fill in, but not yet overly crowded. Juliet was sitting at the end of one of the long tables, reading through a file. Turri-san was close by her, watching and observing in his calm way. 

    When they joined the newcomers at the table Juliet smiled, but didn’t look up. “Allie, who’s notes are these in your file? This is not typical triage tech charting. This is crossover, advanced crossover, medicine….i’d make a few adjustments but, the point is, you managed to find the colony where the medbay is not run by incompetents.”

    Allegra couldn’t help but laugh. “What a funny coincidience since he’s right here and wanted to meet you. Dr. Juliet LeBeau, allow me to introduce…..” Allegra frowned. “Shit. I don’t know your real name? Dr. Striker? We’ll go with that. Allow me to introduce Dr. Striker.”

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