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West wolves cavern book 1

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“Mostly the place has been closed down sense the incredibly major accident.”. Those simple words can trigger the whole group. Hearing the guy who has worked there for 18 years saying that they meant to do it. The restaurant called it an “accident” because they thought the programming got fucked up somehow. Still it didn’t surprise anybody that they got sewed. Some people said “the teeth are too sharp and pointy it can kill someone in two seconds!” Or “the programming didn’t get fucked up one of you control men did it!”.  The restaurant closed 1999-2017 18 years. That’s how long the robots sat in the spare room collecting dust,rusting and still coming on only to break parts of them because of their movements. The date was 10/17/2017. The old owners daughter had gotten the place for her birthday. She was overjoyed how her father let her have the old place. Mostly because she wanted to open up a horror kids entertainment building. When she first saw the shape of us only one of us was on and moving but his memory was fried. Mostly all he could remember was that she looked upset of how we looked. He mentioned how she said she would sort us out from the deadly ones that would go out a lot or tackle people to the ones that wouldn’t. He doesn’t remember much after that. So we lead to now I guess.


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    Lora 3 years ago


  2. Czar 3 years ago

    Interesting idea I like it

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