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What a Surprise!

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She frowned to the nurse as she started to wrap Seras’ arm up in bandages. Seras groaned as pain shot throughout her body, “Please, be careful.” She bit her lip to try to her mind off of the pain. The nurse frowned to her, and apologized. She hadn’t experienced this much pain since she had died on the battle field. She let out a yelp as she had moved her burned arm, and started to tape the bandaged arm to her side. The nurse once again apologizing for causing her pain. She closed her eyes, and tensed up a bit, “I thought I’d be healed by now.”

She said the nurse, and the nurse stopped her work. She stood up straight, and looked at the woman, “You don’t know?” She said blankly.

“Don’t know what?” One of her brows rising, “What is it that I don’t know?”

The nurse leaned into her, her eyes narrowing, “How could you not know? Even I know it and it’s not mine.”

“What don’t I know?” She screamed and flailed her one good arm before pouting to the nurse.

The nurse smiled lightly, and laid a hand on her stomach, “Congratulations…. You’re pregnant..”

Seras gasped, her eyes going wide, “I….I’m…I’m pregnant!” She asked, shocked about it. The nurse gave a nod, and Seras’ hands balled into fist’s, “I… I can’t believe it…. How long?” She looked to the nurse.

“It’s been only a few days.” The nurse smiled lightly.

Seras didn’t know how to react to this, she just shook her head, “Dismissed….” She said and the nurse fled the scene.

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  1. E-D60™ Erica 9 years ago

    It’s the millennium falcon! With the great pyramid attached to it!

    Er.. No.. It’s the death star!

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