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What Happened to…Piper?

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Tarrant leaned against the workbench, twirling a thick blade between his fingers with a growl “Tell me!” He finally snarled, jamming the blade between Elizabeth’s fingers, who only crackled up blood in response,her wrist cut up from tugging at the binds holding her against the metal table
“I…I didn’t kill your sister Hatter” she mocked, another cool laughter escaping her gagged throat at his shocked expression at the words after,
“You did”

Piper hadn’t saw me since we were kids, she was getting older and I had managed to sneak away from the castle long enough to meet her half way through the fence, she was growing big, her hair was growing, a tangled black mess in her face he knew she wanted gone. It was the news about mum, I was Still young myself and even more heartbroken then she, shed also tried to tell me pa was going mad and that hunter may have had to look after her for a while, but by then I had already run off and called her a liar…

Years passed of torture and experiments, various deaths and war rising when Piper had sent out to find her oldest brother(next to victor) when she saw my silhouette flickering through the forest light… Though I doubt she really recognized me even as I slipped through the light with longer black hair and solid orange hued eyes she still managed to squeal “Andrew!!!” And scurried into the light, throwing her thin arms around my bulky figure and nuzzling her face into my layer of jackets, she smelled of autumn leaves and pumpkin spice, not that, I could care. ” oh for Alice sakes I can’t believe you’re alive! ”

I blinked down at this girl, she was thin and had short hair that curled under her ears and was a thick dark color that matched her eyes, though none of that mattered to me as I drew out of her grip “What?” She huffed playfully offended at my sudden reaction
“Don’t tell me you don’t recognize your own sister!” She pouted, but my gaze didn’t change, it remained solid, impenetrable down at the little stranger and suddenly her look was no longer playful but desperate and shocked at my sudden change.
“What’s…. What’s the matter?!”
“He doesn’t remember you child” cooled a voice from behind me, it was the red queen, I hadn’t known why she followed me,she never followed my hunts

“Wh… What do you mean, he doesn’t remember me?! I’m his sister! Who the bloody heck are you?” Ignorant little brat.
“Excuse my manners but I know exactly who you are and you should be more respectful to your elders ,especially the queen.”
My gaze hadn’t moved from the young girl in front of me,claiming to be blood, my family was dead I knew this, I had no siblings, besides, she looked nothing like me,yet the plead in her voice…

“Come on big brother, we don’t have time for her… Come help me look for hunter…” She said disbelievingly to red’s comment and ignored her for me, oddly taking my wrist and attempting to tug me with her but like a statue I hadn’t budged and she almost stumbled back into me “What??” She gasped, releasing my grip in shock, more so when she realized I had claws twice the size of her fingers.

“It….is it true? This…. This is the queen…. Hunter warned us about….. The one that… Did she…do this to you…..?” She asked looking up into my stone expression. I squinted, her words were there but it was like listening to someone whispering underwater, a motionless mumble. Red through her head back and laughed
“See child! You are nothing to him! Just another peasant,another bug on his sleeve you see???” She continued, moving out from behind the trees and alongside me
“No!! You’re a lying, witch! That’s, that’s just what ya are! He,he’s my brother I can tell! You can tell in your blood,he- he can feel it as well as I can!”
“Can he?” She smirked, raising a brow at the girl, and she protested quickly, sure of herself this stranger was determined
“Of course he can!” She huffed, looking from me back to red, I knew better than to interfere.

“Then prove it child, convince him he is your brother” she said, nodding to me who the girl immediately turned on and tugged at my sleeves “Please…..please Andrew tell her! Go on,I know you can she’s just messing around, you’re my brother I know you are, I’ve heard stories, I,I remember just, I can feel it,they,they called you hatter, that’s your name you make hats it’s what you do! Please just, come on!” She begged me but I only growled in response pulling back and she stared up at me as if heartbroken, moister forming in her wide brown eyes as her lips parted a bit in horror, a slow smirk formed around the corners of Red’s lips as she spoke again,her voice cooled.
“See child. He cares not of you. He is obediant and cares only of me,and himself,as he should”
“No!” Piper screamed, pulling back looking ready to fight but with no strength, her brothers had been there for her all her life, and now she felt so….alone.

“Kill her”
The queen smiled and stepped away from me as I laced my palm around the dagger in my belt and unsheathed it in one smooth movement and the girls eyes widened once more, this time from the blade back to my face,a common expression I got from most of my victims though this one was,different…
“No…” She repeated, this time it was nothing but her breath leaving her as she backed out from under my space and I felt my blood start to boil with the adrenaline for my next kill… Though even better, something new; this one ran

I could no longer feel the queen,her breath down my neck, her voice in my ear, her ghost haunting me…it was just the rush of fresh wonderland breeze slipping through the leather of my clothes,my hair,into my face until my feet were no longer on the ground and soon enough I was lunging her,full force. She tumbled over under me,screaming and crying as we faught,and she faught hard like a good fighter should.

she managed to twist the blase away from me long enough the squeeze out from under me and lung for the exit, but I reacted quick enough to snag and twist her tiny ankle, there was a snap and she cried out in pain falling back just as I got to my feet and slammed her full force into the tree. She yelped and went a bit limp, I had a feeling I snapped a few bones and though torture was satisfying this was different.

” Brother please! ” she cried out in pain, trying to pull from his forceful grip “Please! I know you’re in there! Its me! Its piper! I’m your sister! I know I am look!” She insisted but it only raised my adrenaline as I got ahold of the hilt to my knife again and glared at her once “Look! Closer! Eyes… Hunter used to…used to say we had same eye colors, all of us! See! And,and our hair look look its dark mine, mines just, just shorter! Tell me you see it,don’t do this!” She begged on but the more I looked her over the less I saw, had she known I was color blind since red’s experiments, grey,white and black were all I could catch, but I knew better, everything else was heat and red, she was nothing but a target, her hair was a darker shade, but we looked nothing alike…

We couldn’t have had, I didn’t have a sister, my family was dead, they died in the village fire…. Red said so….and now she stood not far behind me watching as I hesitated,the tears stained in mud on pipers cheeks as I held her there now frowning “what are you waiting for!?” The queen barked, snapping me out of it just as I was grabbing a fist full of the girls hair “KILL HER!” Red was screaming as the blade slipped from my grasp and I extended my fangs to the child “No!” Piper snapped, and it was dark…..

Now Tarrant stared down at his palms, dosed in his siblings blood, he remembered it more and more vividly as he stood there, knees shaking, eyes wide in horror, the knife in his hand tumbled onto the torture room floor as Elizabeth laughed, it was the first time she’d seen Tarrant like this in a long time. Finally, anger and adrenaline coursed through his mercury filled veins and he quickly grabbed the knife screaming at her as he lunged over the edge of the table and jammed the blade half way through her eyes,carving her pupils from her sockets. He used several picks to pin her lips together,bladed her tongue out and gouged her eyes….raging on more sickly creative ways, he’d make that bitch pay,for his childhood, his innocence, his little sister

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