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When Nonami met kirst.

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The wind blew in the temperate forest, untouched by snow, one of those rare areas of Hellifyno, that were just below the snow line. Within it was a clearing. A cloud of white blossoms fell, late blooms, also called as the snow of the south due to their blooming time being the winter. A needle was swung, as two dark exoskeleton legs stepped on. The pale mask of Nonami turned around, checking the location. Exploration. That would be the one reason why she was here. Eating cakes, and sleeping won’t do the creature any favor. She needed to train. She needed to find an opponent. The most northern part of the southern continent seemed like the best bet in this case. She had dressed for warm weather, and thus her red robe was on, as it waved with the wind. The thread danced behind her, like a path of her motion. “Where to start…” She wondered. Having heard tales from locals at Persistence, she did learn that this area could be quite hostile. A fine place to begin her heroic journey. A fine chance to earn some respect and finally become the hero, she was always meant to be. Little did she know, who she was about to meet.
Kirst being the one who lived in these woods that surrounded the open area. She often passed through it, always mesmerized by it’s simple beauty. It was usually the simplest of things, that caught her attention the most. Besides the animals that lived here in these parts, not many others came around. it was a secluded and that’s why she liked it so much. Kirst could practice her combat skills here, Along with anything else she desired . She was wearing her usual winter attire even if it was snowing or not in these area’s she did not see the point in changing her outfit to suit the area but to rather the season. Her tight fit skinny jeans, Showing that she had curves in all the right places. her long sleeved hoodie crop top hid her magical tattoo’s that were on her arms and one on her back. The fur line on her hood, probably looked like a fashion statement. But it was the fur from her latest animal kill, she wore it like a trophy and to continue smelling the last thing she killed. Which thankfully wasn’t too long ago. So she was feeling rather controlled today, Thankfully. Unaware of the situation she was about come upon herself.
Their paths inevitably neared one another. One seeking training, and one seeking valor. Both warm and ready for a fight, that would bring out their best. Nonami stopped in the middle of the forest clearing and eyed the pale sun weavers, a species of common butterflies, that resided within the southern continent, using their color to blend with the blossom leaves, as they flew up in the sky, startled by Nonami’s little feet. The thread slowly danced around her, almost like a barrier. Perhaps she could make a trap here, and rest until, she finds something that would be worthy for taking their heads. The warm weather made her inevitably chirp, and the air filled with a lonesome chirping. Somewhat a bad way to stay hidden, but the sound blended with the environment so well, it was almost seamless. Black eyes turned and eyed the sides of the forest. As the area of the tread slightly increased, touching the first branches from canopies reaching into the small clearing. The flowers that bloomed in the grass were of soft tones from red to blue, from yellow to violet. White and cyan colors waving like a small pond of paint. She heard a step. The chirping stopped. Nonami was not alone.
Kirst was stepping lightly through the woods to the clearing, she tread carefully as she wished to not disturb too much of the wildlife and plants. After all this was the home of Flora and Fauna,she just merely lived beside them. She liked to think of herself as the one who protected them when trouble came running in this direction, She looked after the nature and the nature looked after her in return. Coming closer to the clearing, she could sense something was not as its usual, So she slowed her pace even more and slightly peered through a bush to see if she could catch a glimpse as to what was on the other side as if it was an attempt to prepare herself for whatever laid ahead. 
Nonami was already standing, her needle prepped, as the threads picked up the vibrations. The mask slightly shifted. “one?” She silently murmured to herself. The threads never lied, when it came to knowing her surrounding. She decided to speak with the one that was nearing closer. Raising her needle and pointing her needle at the location, where Kirst was to emerge, and with a brave voice, despite her height, which was only half a regular human being, she said proudly. “Friendly?” Indeed, in such dangerous location, old methods were best to be used. Even if such was the case, she was eager to spar. She was eager to test her blade, after the meeting with Cain, who had gifted her some new abilities. Abilities that made her faster, quicker, and stronger. To excel her above the average warriors. With her combat skill, this would be seen as a very deadly weapon. In the reflection of the corner of the needle.
Kirst passing through the last of the bushes and tree’s carefully as to not hurt or cause them damage, she swore secretly they tried to protect her sometimes. She spotted this new creature, this was a new one her. she’d never seen one those things before. whatever Nonami was. She let her talk first, her voice was strong, But was there a slight shake in it? She couldn’t be sure on that. However only being 5’4 ft. she wasn’t exactly the tallest herself. She replied with the same strength in her voice. “Depends, on many a thing, like one who you are and what you are doing here? “. She finished pushing through the last of the Bushes, to stand in the clearing opposite Nonami.  
The small creature straightened out and bravely said. “Nonami! I am the best warrior!” She spoke without any shake in her voice. Either she was stupid or a force to reckon with, but indeed she saw Kirst as no threat. She then rose her needle and pointed it at Kirst once more, as the thread snapped, and asked a new question. “What are you?” Perhaps a little harsh, but this was a rather honorable thing for Nonami to do. She had learned a lot. She then added to her statement, eyeing the girl, as she wasn’t bold with her speech. “A coward?” She said bluntly and simply. The mask slightly turned, to keep the other being present. The threads danced past Kirst, gently and seemingly without any notion of malevolence. A simple state of environment. “You seek to fight? I will defeat you in one swoop!” She said proudly. “If you hope to defeat me! you best turn back where you came from!”
Kirst chuckled at Nonami’s comments, she then straighten herself out and replied smirking. “well, i am kirst, of course.” Kirst was playful tonight. So she teased the bird a little. Because why not?.Kirst  just watched the thread before replying ” Coward?, Now even that’s a new one on me”. Kirst may be a shy being usually, this due to being anywhere but these parts makes her feel uncomfortable. But she always stood her ground. She was a force to be reckoned with, when she used her full power and strength, to defend this land, the place she calls home. 
The needle slightly tapped against the ground. Provocation was not something she was good at, but looking down at someone, who seemed lacking valor, well that Nonami knew very well. “Coward talk.” She said simply, and began to walk back and forth eyeing Kirst. Doing what any great adventurer would do, she stated a simple phrase. “You are weak. Go back to city.” She nodded. After all the hunting grounds were not big enough for the two of them. Nonami wished to gain the big catch, and that was what she was about to do. She spun the needle, and stabbed into the ground, rising both arms and shaking her head mockingly. “You will die fast! If you are strong, prove it!” And there it was. A challenge. Perhaps unintentional, but indeed that was a challenge. Perhaps the little creature knew well, what she wished for. Perhaps this was intentional.
Kirst just rolled her eyes and tilted her head towards Nonami sighing she replied. ” firstly, i do not live in the city, i live in the woods, you see around you, this is my home. secondly, i will not fight you to the death. That’s not very fair on you, now is it?. How about we have some fun? We will test each others strengths and weaknesses, However i’m only doing this because i’m in a good mood. You really shouldn’t talk to everyone like that when you first meet them, it could really get you into trouble” kirst smiled lightly towards Nanoami , she was rarely in one of these moods so the bird should take the opportunity presented or flee While she still could. Or was her words mocking the bird slightly more, egging her on maybe? 
The needle swung, and was placed on Nonami’s side, ready for combat. “You will learn to heed the warning of a true warrior.” She spoke. “A snake tongue is a cowards weapon, honest words and truth as hard as stone is the only thing that is worthy of praise.” She said, and the air slightly shifted, as the thread danced in an aggressive manner, forming a closer sphere around Nonami, growing a little thicker, to give the extra protection for close combat. The dark exoskeleton feet crouched for a moment beneath the red mantle, as the dark eyes were focused on Kirst. These were eyes of a true warrior. “I shall spare your life, to give you lesson. Know when certain honor is to be given.” Within the palm, that held the sword, a pink light emerged, as a strong aura was forming around her. She felt it. Nonami felt the Cain’s gift. The power of all the cakes she had eaten before. And this was something that she did a lot. “I give you last chance to turn, before you sully your false honor. Or you can try prove your valor, only to become the second greatest fighter in this canopy!” The words were such, and the small creature was ready for what was to come from Kirst.
Kirst rolls her sleeves up this time, exposing her tattoos, on her left arm there was a tattoo of a dagger outline with an infinity circle around it, On her right, A sword outline, However instead of bringing any weapons out, she forms a slight energy shield around herself for now. She was getting slightly amused by this bird like creature but refused to let her guard down. Even if this was just a game to her, To this bird it might be something more serious, But she still felt like playing for a bit. At first anyway, Speaking directly while watching Nonami  “like i said before, i do not wish to kill you. i don’t have a lust for death today,But i’m happy to play your game”
There was silence then. Nonami’s dark beady eyes looked at Kirst. The way she stood, the way she breathed, even the way, her hair moved. Everything that was Kirst and around Kirst. The strings danced, slightly lowering to the ground, as wind seemed to stop. There was no motion. The trees were afraid to speak. The ground was afraid to breathe. The wind was afraid to move. Even the birds had stopped chirping. There was this eerie silence of moment, that only prepared warriors could share. A moment, that would begin chain of events to decide the fate of two clashing souls. The fate of their honor, and words, that they have spoken. The needle in Nonami’s hands slightly glimmered, as the last leaf touched the ground. Seems like Kirst knew as well the curse of the white knights. The pieces that passed their first move. It was tense. Very, very tense.
Kirst could feel how tense everything suddenly became once the air seemingly stopped around the two of them She glanced between the Flora making sure they weren’t hurting and everything could move away to a safe distance did so, quickly without any hesitation, it would now seem that Kirst and Nonami were alone. The tension in the air was so thick, it was like you could see it playing between the two warriors . Keeping her stance she turned her gaze back to Nonami. Checking her posture, and checking everything about her. Trying to read her signals, She was struggling to pick up on Nonami’s emotional cues. Unclear as to why, Kirst was usually quite good at picking these things up. So what kind of position did that her in then? 
Seems that she would have to bite the bullet. There was nothing for a brief moment, before. It was but sheer moments before a thin flash appeared between the two of them. The needle was flying past Kirst, and almost at the same time, Nonami, was running past Kirst as well. Was she really that bad of a fighter? Before the thought could come through Kirst’s mind, a pale line was nearing Kirst’s, neck, pulled by the small creature, and anchored by the nail, the intention was clear with this attack. Pacification with a method of choking. Behind Kirst, the quick creature, was pulling said string, crouched, and reaching towards the needle, that was bashed into the tree, to prepare for a counter attack.
Kirst who still had her shield up,this would allow anything that was aimed at  her to bounce off, and bend round her against the shield. Even though she was taken a back by the speed of this bird like creature, she didn’t let it phase her. She simple spun, as soon as the needle hit the tree she heard its noise, angered by this, what if it hurt the tree? , The poor tree, did nothing and does not need to be hurt in this process right?. She raised her hands up, The look on her face dropped from playful to slight annoyance, as soon as she raised her hands the grass around the tree grew wrapping its self around the needle. But surely that wouldn’t do damage?. Of course not, it was just a simple distraction from the fact that kirst had now summoned one of daggers from the magical tattoo, with a spin throw she aimed it to just slightly fly past Nonami, She was still intent on not hurting this thing too much yet.
The thread indeed managed to roll up the shield and pass Kirst’s hair. This was something Nonami did not take in the evaluation. The tree indeed did warm around the needle, but as it was a straight object, a simple pull of the needle was like a stinger of a wasp. It had no barbs to be caught up by. The small creature soon had the blade in the hand, as she eyed Kirst. A thought was clear. Trees were bad. She eyed her positioning and saw that the location was putting her in a slight disadvantage. The tactics would be clear, not the most efficient way to approach, but this newly discovered power gave her little choice. There wasn’t much time to decide for the next action, however, for the dagger was just meters away from Nonami. The needle was swung as soon as the it touched her hand, and even if it was a shot deliberately missed, the clang of metal was heard. A chirp came from the small creature. She had no time to make clue of Kirst’s emotions. She crouched, and waved her sword, to loosen the string a little, but in this little window of time there was only so much she could do.
Kirst worked quickly she had to , Well she had to learned too, growing up in the woods and wild in general meant she didn’t have a choice or she wouldn’t be here to fight now. After hearing the metal clank she was more then aware, that this creature worked fast too like her. Seizing the opportunity she threw another dagger at her, aiming for just in front of her, Returning her energy shield back up, while she plans her next move, ripping the back of her top, to reveal the hidden magical Tattoo now exposed, a bow and arrow. Unsure if she needed to use it yet, she had it there out as precaution, One can never be too prepared she thought, not in this case anyway. Something that began as a game, Could turn into something more. 
Second attack now was more predictable. Despite the shield, the opponent preferred distance. “Coward” She sounded, as the dagger was deflected with precision. The hand, holding the blade was letting out a strong glow of lavender. She eyed her action, and saw that she could not wait. As soon as the blade was low enough for a new motion, the needle flew once more, as it landed just behind Kirst. Soon enough, the pull of the string, took Nonami’s light body with it, and the small red cape allowed the pale mask appear just under Kirst’s right elbow. Too low to hit effectively, as Nonami was short, making it a vulnerable position. She pulled the string, but so far the small critter seemed unarmed. A sound of metal leaving ground was heard in a further distance.
Kirst Watched the bird, trying to sense what she was planning, and how it was truly feeling, Because kirst was back to being playful she was enjoying this little game. Well this is what she was treating it like for now anyway. why else would she be so damn predictable ? As she feels the light touch on her elbow, she steps away slightly, letting her shield down, she begins to float in the air for a while. looking down on this Nonami,Curious of this creature. Instead of fighting back she spoke. ” just because one likes there personal space, does not make them a coward”
Nonami was smarter than to speak in the middle of the battle. The reason of the sound became apparent, as the needle soon flew past Nonami, and needle flew straight at Kirst, aiming at her left ear. Singing, as it cut the air, with tremendous capacity. The speed was overwhelming,and made the Needle seem to vibrate. The small beady eyes looked below, up upon Kirst, as the red cloak slightly waved from her motions, revealing the exoskeleton hand holding the thread, letting it slide trough Nonami’s fingertips with a singing speed. A chirp sounded, as she crouched, and clenched her other fist. If Cain indeed gave her the power, perhaps he trusted for Nonami, to use it with more flexibility. The lone needle seemed not to be enough. Crouching even more, she was ready for a second motion. It almost seemed that the time had slowed for the small creature.
Kirst picking up on the noise instantaneously, flipped her self backwards to avoid any attack, She floated back down. landing back on the ground unharmed or even phased really, resting her hands on her hips. she ponders but only for a second, she wanted to check if her theory was correct. She shouted loudly, making it echo in four different places. Kirst was very rarely right with her theories but she enjoyed testing them out anyway As she surrounds herself in an energy ball shield again. In case she was wrong, Which wouldn’t surprise her much.
The small creature soon was taken with the thread, and mid air, as the needle passed Kirst just barely, the needle flew for a moment, before Nonami’s hand caught it, and soon, the little creature’s feet landed on the other side of the clearing. Swinging her blade, she straightened out, and turned around, as the thread slowly waved, showing the paths that have been woven. It was then when the little creature let out a provocative smirk. Slightly tapping her needle against the ground, she looked at Kirst and tilted her head. “Do you know why I am the greatest warrior?” The little creature walked towards Kirst, crouched to brush her foot from the dirt a little, only to stand up and place that hand on her hip.
Kirst summoned her sword out , watching Nonami closely, she stepped back out of the ball. standing with her sword in her right hand, For the size of kirst you would of have thought the size of sword she summoned would have been too heavy and big for her, but she held it with ease like it was a toy rather then a weapon. Rolling her eyes “go on then, tell me?”. Unsure of what Nonami’s response would be, she Didn’t yet step closer towards her. but stayed exactly where she was, Depends on Nonami’s response would depend if this was still a game, Getting up close and personal usually ended in disaster for the other opponent when they tried this with kirst.
Jackpot. It was as simple as that. As soon as the steps were made by Kirst, it was but a moment of a millisecond, as wit a light jerk of Nonami’s hand, a pale thread was seen, and at the same time a soft noose touched Kirst’s feet. Soon enough the balance was broken, as the attack was an unsuspected trap. The time was given enough, as the little Critter looked to see how well Kirst would manage the sudden motion. “Because I speak in battle only when it is necessary.” She taps her needle, ready to witness a rather funny happening. Well funny for her. For all this motion and thread within the blossomed field, had hidden the excess of the silk. Allowing certain loops to be made to make the ground a field of possible traps. This one was the little hidden ace, Nonami used, when out in the open. Were it sand, the thread would be visible. But the colorful flowers, deceivingly had hidden the little masked being’s strategy. The aerial attacks and naive efforts to hit something that had a shield and long range attacks, would seem like a foolish action. Unless it was a decoy. “The one who touches the ground wins?” She spoke, as Nonami’s string was at fabled strength as spider silk. And in such proportions, as Nonami, this made it as hard as steel. cutting such formation would be tough as nails.
Kirst was prepared for anything really, she choose not to show this too much in her actions. she didn’t want to give the game away that easily, Nothing is ever simple in these woods, no matter what comes across these parts. looking at her feet, she is rather aware of whats happening there, clicking her fingers she temporarily killed most of the plants and ground around the area that they were both in, To expose any string hidden anywhere. ” Sometimes talking works as the biggest distraction.” Enough said kirst chanted quietly to herself , knowing fine well, she could heal herself after this. she places her sword on the string wrapped around her feet. using her sword as a way to transfer her magic from her to the string. a great blaze of heat is felt by all close by, knowing she is in incredible amounts of pain she is unsure how long she maybe be able to hold the sword,  This fire was not only burning her and the ground around her, it started to spread. The pain only showed from her eyes, her face and body stayed calm and composed. She was focusing on what needed to be done, Despite the consequences it could have. 
As it was natural, Nonami’s string endured for a prolonged time. But seeing the flame, a small motion of her needle, was made, as at the end of the pale blade needle was an end of the string sliding out. In these flames it was dangerous, because the flames were quick to spread. Whilst not able to burn to the core straight away, the fire spread, forming circles, loops and nooses of fire within the grass, in which the trap was lied, covering a a grand portion of the clearing. The fire roared, and finally after a giving a significant damage to the boots, or skin, if that was the case, the thread snapped, with an applied pressure to it. Nonami looked around the flames. This wasn’t a mock battle anymore. Fire was something that killed. A slightly distressed chirp came from the little creature. It did not expect flames to take over the place. “You are crazy. I think I will let you have a tie this time. You are hurt, and this place isn’t safe.” It spun the needle. “While true you are no coward, a crazy you are indeed.” The little critter swing the needle sideways to see if Kirst was alright. They had to get away from the flames. And no hero leaves their sparring partner behind. Nonami was learning. If she makes friends with a good fighter, it will only give a strong ally. “We must run. Before flames catch us!” She glanced as the circles closed in. The grass began to catch on fire. “Now!” she urged Kirst.
kirst was set free, She smirked and started floating up, she then picked Nonami up and flew them to a safe distance, setting her down before replying “I’m only as crazy as the wild lets me be, Don’t worry. Soon the rain will come and put the fire out and then i can help regrow and fix everything. Also i wouldn’t worry about me being hurt i can fix that too !” She smiled and took out a healing based lollipop. If she started this now, by the time they reached where ever they these two newly befriended sparring buddies where going, She’d be pretty much back to her average health and strength in no time.
Seeing Kirst was feeding on something, made Nonami quite hungry. She then resumed her more simplistic tone, that was more common to her. “Alright! But take me to Cake!” She ordered as she had no idea of how to act like a polite little critter. And as Kirst was ready to take off, Nonami was fine to be taken in a comfortable position for the flight, whilst pointing at the sky. “For the cake!” She said. Needles to say, this would be the first time Nonami would ever fly.
Laughing kirst takes Nonami on again, making sure she is comfortable. Then sets off for her kitchen that is hidden within an abandoned warehouse, Where she will bake any cake for Nonami, kirst may not like to fight too much. But she was one hell of a baker and could make pretty much anything on request.

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