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Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows(Closed with Isabelle Marie French)

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If he was going to be honest with himself, he knew that he had never been welcomed in the place that was supposed to be his home. Ever since he could remember he didn’t feel like he was really part of the family. He felt like an outsider or a guest that was allowed to stay in his parent’s kingdom. And one day…he knew why. One day he learned his true identity, that he, Loki, was not an Asgardian and not of the royal family at all. He was a frost giant. And like many outsiders he became resentful…and he became angry. He began to hate the family who had raised him and of course his pension for mischief and trickery didn’t help matters much. Deep down, he only wanted to earn the approval of his foster family and be equal to his brother. He used that rational to attempt to enslave the human race and pretty much set fire to most of Manhatten. Not only had his mission failed, but he had set himself up for a punishment that was far worse than rotting in an Asgardian jail cell. As a royal child, he had always gotten away with his mischief. But now that he was a grown ass man and his mischief had cost lives, well…that was something that could no longer be tolerated. 

As a result, he was no longer welcome in his own home. Odin rationalized that if he had loved Earth so much he might as well stay there for the rest of his immortal life. He was only allowed to keep his powers within certain limits. He could not use it to hurt anyone or cause anyone pain or misery..and where was the fun in that?! He also was no longer allowed to go to other worlds and had to stay on earth, to live among the humans as one of them. He despised humans normally so that was a punishment worse than death to him. He had gone from a cozy life of one of the few chosen on Asgard to the normal harsh life of a mortal scurrying around down there, dragging their knuckles in the dirt just to make enough to provide themselves with food and housing at the end of the day. 

All it took was a teleportation and there he was once again, laying in a celtic design that was imprinted upon the ground. That was his so called family alright..showing off their might. And they were damn fools for it too, because the people of earth forgot their history almost immediately and only a few of them actually identified with the old ways. He lay there face down in the dirt for a moment, reflecting on just how much his life sucked. Well, he thought, at least the handcuffs were off of him. At least now he didn’t have a gag over his mouth. Oh yes, such a fine brother he was…bearing him into Asgard as a beast that he had caught and not his own brother. 

He was not completely lost. He had been to earth before and knew how to blend into their kind. He used magic to change into a suit and tie(he was a sharp dresser even in the poorly designed rags that these humans were fool enough to wear. Next, he tried to get his bearings so that he could find out where he could get lodging until he figured things out. He slicked back his black hair like he always did and wrapped a scarf around his neck. He came across an old Toll Bridge and checked out the sign that stood alongside of it. Storybrooke Maine, eh? Seemed like a good place to wallow away in his own self pity as any. He leaned against the bridge as he tried to think of what he could possibly do next to live beside the human race.


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    1. Isabelle Marie French 3 years ago

      Belle had been on her own since she left Rumple; Things weren’t looking so good for the two of them. Rumple left her for a few months; and now she was on her own. Storybrooke had become her home and she loved every minute of it. Belle left her apartment and headed down the road and she wasn’t really paying attention to where she was going; Belle bumped into a sharp dressed man; and she looked at him. “Oh Forgive me!” she said keeping where she was. “A-Are you alright Sir? I’m so sorry! I just have a lot on my mind; and I haven’t been really focused as of late; I’m so sorry for bumping into you! Are you alright?” she questioned keeping where she was frowning a bit hoping she didn’t hurt him.

      As she stood there; Belle studied the male before her. He was handsome; tall and different from any other man she’s seen there in Storybrooke; Aside from Rumple this man was intriguing and she was curious to know more about him. She stood in silence as she waited for his answer patiently. She tucked back a stray piece of hair out of her face and behind her ear.

    2. Author
      Loki Stitch Laufeyson 3 years ago

      As soon as she bumped into him, he had a peculiar reaction. He might have been trying to live among other humans but his own species didn’t change and neither did his abilities or features. In a natural flight reaction his skin turned blue where she bumped into him simply out of shock. Normally the next step in progress was for him to become angry with a mortal for bumping into him, but the things that had happened to him in recent years had humbled him. Not only was he trying to live a civilized life among the humans and to just blend in this time, but the person who had bumped into him was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. She was a true vision of loveliness, and her beauty dwarfed even the valkyries that he used to spy on when he was a young lad. As soon as those ocean blue eyes of hers caught his, he found that he could not look away.

      He spoke to her in that soft and silvery British accent of his..go figure, his people were Norse but he just sounded like he was from London. It was just the hand that he was dealt to give him the ability to have that silver tongue. That was just how he survived in life, he was a smooth talking son of a bitch who could convince anyone of the man that he wanted to be in their eyes, no matter what the truth was. But this time it wasn’t a trick…this time he wished to be actually kind to the beauty that graced him with her presence. He brushed off his shoulders as if shaking off imaginary dust. “Oh it’s fine, really, I’m new in town and I’m afraid that I wasn’t aware of where I was going.”

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