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Where is the Sun?

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Embittered by the vibrations thumping through your veins
And ripped apart from the inside out
Visions of you dancing amoung the chaos
Sends shivers down my spine

There’s a story here
Every time and every year
Played like a skipping record
Stuck on repeat for all eternity

So we’ll watch the characters play
The parts they were cast
Seek into their minds for an answer
Monitor how long they last
In the cold, in the rain
Smiling blankly at pictures of the past
Lifted on a notion of happiness
Circling higher and higher til they crashed
Against the hard, rotton truth
Were they took a wicked knife and slashed
Into each seed of hope and joy
Burying them deeper with each hard lash

An eyeful of the gold rimmed sun
Streaked over with glossy, marbled clouds
Which creep and crawl in the happy, joyous blue
Beckoned by a god’s hand for a darkened shroud

It’s dreadfully cold at night
With no moon in the darkened windows
No pale, silvery paths slanting across the blankets
Quietly watching the shadows grow

The sky is a shade of plain, sad white
No sun for a pretty picture of swirling colors
Stars don’t burn as brightly in the boring grey
A blanket of depression on sisters and brothers

Gone again a wayward soul’s heart
Broken and fading with no directive purpose
Searching forever for the shining light
Scoured across the earth’s surface

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