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Where it began..

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Raoul stood looking out over the marbled azure/indigo and some parts cyan ocean of his home planet of Rhea or to some the VII moon of Planet 6 (Saturn). the waters harmful while ingested well for the most part beyond the edges of the ringed sea defences surrounding the city the waters within the walls was clean safe for the inhabitants to take and leisure in  and though boredom on his mothers part introduced a much loved activity and a serious sport of wave riding (wind boarding) to the city which holds yearly competitions for people to compete in.

Raoul loved to take part and did so on this down time when not flying cargo runs between planets but for this years he would have to miss it as he had a run back to his birth planet of Hellifyno or planet III. Socks his adopted mutated Akita companion left out a shaky/rattling huff of breath (think predator) as is sensing and sympathizing with him over missing in the ‘games’.

“yeah, yeah..i know socks….”there is always next year besides got to let others have a chance to won now don’t we” the over confidant youth remarks turning his teal gaze from the large window down to the beast who followed the huff with stretching out its large mandible like jaws out in a jaw canting its head to watch its master whom had gave the huge beast a typical friendly broad grin he was and had given all since he was a babe minus the chubby cheeks.

ruffling the black fur on the ‘dogs’ head he moved to glance at the monitor they had within their ‘pod’ that measured almost everything that was happening either with the waters or the air outside as his mother Lily was a stickler for knowing what was going on, not that he minded as it helped and they used it to design boards for the games to gain a better edge. 

:tap: :tap: Raoul lightly drummed the front of the screen of the device when the door slide open behind him the sound soft fabric shifting against itself as someone walked within proceeded by..”Must you use it as a musical instrument know that is a sensitive and expensive thing to replace…not to mention you dont clean it when you do get finger marks all over it” scolds lily glancing over to her son who had turned sharply like a child being caught in the act it wasn’t ment to be doing,  his cheek bones flushed a light coral pink as he fidgets with the band on his right hand.

“i…was..i mean sorry” he fumbled over himself  his attempt at lying falling flat as he knew he would be in more trouble lying then telling the truth.

Rolling her eyes lily set down the mornings shopping though they could get what they need delivered to their pod she argued and taught very much to the boy, just because you can doesn’t mean you always should. A cloth ball came hurtling towards the boy who caught it as soon as it was within arm reach his reaction time had always been above average for a ‘human’. without protest he knew she meant for him to clean it which turning on his heels and taking a few steps another quality he got from his parents and of his 6’3 frame getting somewhere didn’t take long he began to rub the monitor lightly.

“where’s Neb?” lily remarks wondering around the open styled kitchen zone, colbalt reptilian optics peering over the rim of a counter top to look about the living quarters for her daughter.

“hmm oh..she’s gone over to Masi’s pod i said to be back for lunch..” Raoul answered peering over his shoulder.

she frowned before giving a nod..”alright..she knows i like us to sit down together before you go out…” she always repeated the same thing, worrying every time he was either out training or any run even to the next moon over but then that comes with being a parent he guessed and he didn’t mind it much it was the small things like this to some seemed repetitive but it help keeps one grounded he pondered all the while his hand circling, polishing the front of the monitor as it went. It would be nice to see how the farm was back on Hellifyno how much as changed in the 8 years they had left (well 8 to them maybe merely hours, days or many years to the little 3rd planet over a tiny blue star in their sky that is if you were lucky to have a scope to see it)

“i asked you to clean it Raoul not rub it away to nothing..” lily remarks now stood hands planted on her hips watching the vacant expression of his day dreaming face.

“oh..sorry ” drawing his hand away a chuckle leaving his lips as he saw her once more shake her head ..”i swear if it wasn’t for your crew i do sometime wonder how you haven’t drifted off to the further reaches when you get like this boy” 

Patting his thigh to call the dog to him he walked to the counter top peeking in one of the baskets lily had, socks merely peered over its shoulder as its form stretched over the smooth flooring barely moved stating it would not move unless he had something of offer to warrant it to get up from being comfortable on the warm spot before the window it had settled in.

chuckling the boy shrugged not wanting to press the matter knowing if the ‘dog’ had a mood with him he could say goodbye to a few of his socks by the next morning.

“ like me to bring you back from Hellifyno mother?” resting folded forearms on a counter top trying to distract her form the hand sliding within one of the closer baskets to pluck from it a Gliollon fruit up (Plum) .

“no..i’m fine but it would be nice for a few picture see if much has changed..and if its still there..a few pastries from the bakers in Sprout, there’s nothing quiet like it..” lily tuts making a swipe for Raoul who dodged the lashed out lip that tried to take the fruit back from him. Giving a step back he tossed it in the air in a gesture of showing off his victory of taking and missing the take back he offered her his trade mark broad cheeky grin the beautiful Teal eyes he bore disappearing as his cheeks rose curling the bearded lips up in a huge grin flashing his teeth too.

“to slow mother and before you say i wouldn’t spoil my lunch..when have you every known me not to eat ” rubbing the skin of the purple fruit against the front of his flight jacket he brought it up to take a bite out of it..”i’ll go finish packing..that way can spend more time later when Neb gets back and not leave it last minute..” he spoke whilst chewing on the fruit earning a glare of disgust from his mother and a spoon tossed in his direction to emphasize her annoyance over the fact he spoke with his mouthful.

“not with your mouthful Raoul!” 

swallowing he laughed once more the spoon bouncing off his chest and clattered on the floor after it fell making the dog glance over to the unfolding proceedings. bending down he picked it up wiping it on his jack much like he did the fruit he took a bite of the Gliollon laying the spoon back on the side to then tower over his mother who turns bringing her head up alittle to peer up at him as then Raoul leans over the smaller woman plants a sticky kiss on a cheek. A shriek fills the pod as lily is touched by the sticky lips as she hate being stick he beats a retreat the dog now in tow before lily can throw anything else at him, a impish chuckle fading down the corridor along with the padded footfalls of the dog in tow echoing like sonar off the walls about them dying down too leaving the pod in silence.


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