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Where shadows lie.

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Surrounded by books, screens, and papers, D’Jak Speir sat upon the floor of his chamber. The Bible, the Quran, The Bhagvad Gita, the Iliad, the Odyssey, and scored of other literature, vital to the people of Earth. And among them, wrapped in green leather, was “The Vitality of Earth” by Arven Sique. The fingers of his red right hand stroked across the aged pages, over the letters, which appeared to be hand-written. “Earth, synonymous with humanity, is a constantly recurring world, throughout the multiverse. It is the universal landmark, the gauge by which The Many Realms may moderate themselves, and the single most significant location. There is no ‘true’ Earth. In my travels, I, The Hollow God, have come to believe that there exists an ‘Earth Prime’… And that it may be the source of everything that there is. That the minds upon Earth Prime produce the very essence and breath of all that is… Including myself.”
Speir stared at that passage for a long, long time. It was preceded by list of Earth Variants, and the difference between the lives that blossomed upon them, as well as description of the various Pantheons, Gods, Heavens, and Hells, that were as much a part of the world as the land and water. The passage was followed by descriptions of Arven’s experiments upon various Earths… His contacts with them, and his observation that very, very, few iterations of the planet were ever conscious of a multiverse. But Speir’s fingers lingered upon this mention of ‘Earth Prime’.
Even here, in complete privacy, and total isolation, his features were blank, and stony. Appearing neither interested nor disinterested, angry or content, emotion or thought was difficult to ascribe to that face. His posture, with legs crossed, and back ramrod straight, had not changed in hours. Aside from the motions of turning pages, or reaching for one manuscript or another, he had not moved.
But the impassive man was disturbed. He had begun his research, in a better attempt to understand the place that seemed so significant to many. Earth was the home-world to many, if not most of them. But this had begun to grow into more… The implications of it weighed upon him. Why were humans so common? What was their link to this planet? And… Who was Arven Sique, and what interest did he have in this?
Speir lowered the book, and raised his gaze, to stare at the blank metal wall. But he was not there. For a moment, in his mind, he was again upon the shattered, jagged wastes of Korriban. At the doorsteps of the Grave Lords of the Sith, he had grown from a boy, into an adult. He had known no living person there. The ghosts of those he called his masters, the Tuk’ata, and shattered rocks had been his world. The eyes of that strange being… That was the first time Speir had ever seen such a color. Green… the kind of green that was unique to the Hollow God.
Speir blinked, and looked down, as the blank visage cracked for a moment. He was frowning, slightly. His eyes had grown wider… and watered slightly. He blinked again, and then took a breath. His attention turned away from The Vitality of Earth, and with a flick of his finger, the cover shut over the pages of the ancient tome with a soft thump.

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