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Whip Blade Sword

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“Hakan, this is dangerous for a child your age but whatever rocks your child mind.” Ronica stated before Hakan started working on her new whip. She melted and tied the blades into the whip making it also look like a sword when in the holder case, but none the less it is a whip. “Its just something I like to do Roncia and you wanted the job to test every new weapon out before someone else did sooooo hush.” Hakan glared at Ronica who silenced herself at once to let Hakan finish with the new design. She then added the last touches before starting on the hilt of this new creation of hers. The hilt was made not only with leather and grounded up bones it was made up of demon and dragon scales that she found from some passing creature, but that is another story all together. She molds it with her mind before taking it into her hands and fixing it the way she wanted the end of the hilt pointed like a dagger. She nodded smiling at her work before looking at Ronica, “Dagger end just in case right?” Ronica nodded smiling at the idea the child had before leaning against the wall in her very limited clothing. Hakan finishes everything and handed it to Ronica nodding, “Go for it make sure that nothing can break the whip into many pieces or anything.” She states before turning back to the work bench to start on a new project as Ronica disappeared with a bow of her own.


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  1. Dragon Teers 10 years ago

    I am the bunny king I can do anything!!!

  2. Laryka Dior 9 years ago

    ( I want one!)

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