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Who Was I?

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Today was one of my not-so-hot days. I wasn’t exactly feeling my best. As I walked toward the stairs, I laid eyes on Travis Cooper. I said something to him, but he continued to walk, with a rude look on his face. I’d felt rejected and hurt because he’d blatantly ignored my plea for attention. Or so I’d thought. When all of us sat at the table, he treated me so sweetly and so kind. I’d then realized that he didn’t see me. That was all. Something so simple. He cared about me. And that was something I knew. Whether he admitted it or not. The gleam in his hazel eyes told me everything that I needed to know in reference to his feelings for me. When I hugged him, the way his cologne smelled against his skin made my heart race. I could never let anyone know how I felt. Especially not him. I was digging Travis. But I was also digging Quan. And I was in love with Yolasia. The only difference was one was dating me, one was digging me back, and the other I was unsure about. But until I was positive of what to do with my feelings, I needed to keep things on the DL.  

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  1. Tristan Dufaigh 9 years ago

    He shook her.  “Crimson!”  She was breathing but only just barely.  “No,” he whispered.  He stroked her face with trembling fingers.  “Please don’t.  I didn’t mean to,” he said in a broken voice.  He panted in fury and fear.  Shit!  When would he learn to control his own strength?  He gazed down at her and then slapped her suddenly across the cheek.  “I won’t let you leave,” he roared.  Launching from the bed, he flashed into the bathroom and turned on the tub faucet, adjusting it with one hand as he held her to him with the other. 

    “You can’t leave me,” he growled, his nails digging into the soft flesh of her arms.  “I told you that you couldn’t leave.”  His voice was strained and hoarse.  He stepped into the warm tub water and cradled her there, scooping handfuls and drizzling it across her hair and face.  “Come back,” he commanded.  “Come back,” he shouted.

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