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Why No Name Or Why Must Someone Always Pass A Name To Me?

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I by all right’s have I a name and one that I rather like, which can be said for so few. But, few if any shall ever hear the truth of such a name and on some days and even nights I long to give it if only that I can hear it said upon another’s lips. Then I rememeber myself…remember what I am and what a person could do if ever they knew my name…it would only work the once but once is enough and I shutter to think what would happen if they told more.

It is not danger to myself that makes me shy away from giving my name for if it were only me that could be harmed from giving my name I might well, give it out as if it might be candy. No, It is that with my name and what my job is and has been almost since the beginning of time. They could change one person’s life in exchange for another but I’ll not explain more than that at all even here….What I do I do and few understand it.

Though there are one or two that know me…and one—one that knows me truely for what I am, who I am, and what I do… It is for once not Iris…and that too shall be kept to mine own shelf.

Now, I must away to do the errands of my work and hope for the best and that my trust was put right in the one I’ve trusted…

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  1. *is glad that Kya has found someone else to trust and hopefully they keep it well.*

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