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WisHing. SEarching. RecalLing. DisPositioning.

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I can count tHe amounts of timEs I’ve gone to WorLd’s Crossing. 47. I’ve gone there 47 times in the Past Month and a half. I’vE gone to all the places that I’ve been to while I was on the run. It was horrIble seeing the outcoMe of my decIsionS long after I had left them. The deciSions that I wisH nevEr happened and that I don’t caRe for anymore.


The 32nd trip was to one planet that had a town I was staShed away in; one that I had tO betray a friend to survive. The town is no longer there. A barrage of fire hit it and left only ashes, debris, and scarred terrain. No one survived, at least no one I knew of. However, my reasoning for coMing back wasn’t to see the resUlt, but to find possible traCes…


Or the 22nd trip, wHere I had to steal clothes from one family. They’Re still there. Just a bit cOlder… But I couldn’t find her.


Or the 14th trip, where I found some of the old wanted posterS of mysElf. I had killed some official on this world, or at least, I was pinned for it. Regardless, I killed a number of laW enforcement to get away. But I couldn’t find her.


Or the 6th trip, wHere I lost WolfE. My body couldn’t keep symbiosis between his soul and mine, so he opted to fade into mine to cReate a strongEr soul. His body is mine to control, and his soul there thAt stRengthened mE, but it was a journeY that I wOuld go on by myself. But I coUldn’t find her.


Or the 47th trip, where I returned to Earth. The place where my parents had been kIlled. The plaCe I cAlled home. The place where Rose was from. A place I would hope to fiNd her, or even a clue if anyThinG. But as much as I tried in secrecy, I cOuldn’t find her. FrOm the numerous iNternet searches I did from a stolen laptop, I found nothing. Even using scent tracking couldn’t Work. I couldn’t track her eIther because she was too far away, or not here aT all…


As mucH as I feel tired from This long trek around different worlds, I Have to keep tryIng to find her, even if there’S nothing to go on. No matter how far I Push and how mAny morals have to be broken: I need to drIve through and fiNd my love, Rose. 

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  1. Aislinn Creed 8 years ago

    *she appeared in a swirl of wind, scattering fallen leaves and flowers across the forest floor. Her long light auburn curls gently fell into place as the wind slowly disappeared. She stepped forward, beams of light from between the branches of trees hit her lightly freckled face, she scrunched up her nose and covered her eyes with her pale delicate hands. She walked over to a small river, sat down, and waited*

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