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With thistle and thumb, The Pillar of Mice Part. Two

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Down a mouse hole he went, out of a mouse hole he came. Around him, the world was a blur of colors, both muted and magically inclined. Yellows, reds, purples, blues, pinks, vibrant little things that bounced the moment your vision caught them. Threes soared to the sky and grass seemed to writhe as if wanting attention.


The Dormouse crept through the closest rook of trees, careful not to awaken the cats that slumbered in their branches. Around him, the world stirred as if brought to life for the first time in a century and it did not take him long to reach his destination.


There were no rabbits, no tea kettles, no tea pots. There were no talking cats or men with hats, only a long square table and the wildlife that surrounded it. On one end were the ‘were’s. On the other were the shifters. In between and all around were the rat kin that stood guard over the hovel. “My friends, it’s come time to offer our help. The time of the heroes is upon us and we must protect them in the only way we can. With numbers, strength and power.” Brihl’s voice is strong, yet small in this place and there are only a few who look his way as he speaks.


One of the few, a lion ‘were’, rears her head back and laughs, only the monkey shifter beside that lion ‘were’ slaps her in the back of the head. “You came to us when our dreamers needed help. Now we’ll help you. You need only point us in the direction.”


In hours, only a few hours, after the Madooga co is resurrected within Ar’Elis, portals open up on several sides of the city, in each district, the city state is flooded with shifters, ‘were’s, Ratkin and dormice. All intent on purging the corruption from the world.


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