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Wyatt the Warrior: Prologue – Runaway Rat

Wyatt 11
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“Kurai, the Errata are coming to your position on the moon. They know-know where you are! They aim to- hey! Can you hear-hear me?” The static on his comm had cut out entirely, giving way to dead silence that had sent a chill up Wyatt’s spine when he realized what it meant. The young ratman had descended from outer space on a mission to find Wilhelm Krieger, and had been close on his tail, only a few scant miles from Olde Watch when everything had come crashing down at once. First, the burrow-barge smashed into the earth, with billions of Errata pouring forth to lay waste to Olde Watch and claim a new burrow for their own. Then the sky filled with fire, as missiles from southernmost Paracosm came hurtling down to deal death to those billions.


From a faraway hill, Wyatt had watched the entire horrifying spectacle unfold, and before the other Errata could find him, had fled into the hills, moving eastward in a blind fear. His people were dying as he had never seen them die before, and the only thought he could properly make out was ‘GET AWAY!’ And indeed, succumbing to his Erratic nature, Wyatt ran, feet pounding against the grass and dirt as he lost himself in the hills. At some point, without even realizing it, he’d dropped to all fours to run faster, the longsword and crossbow on his back slapping against his AVERAGEJOE suit. By the time he stopped running, pressing himself up against a rock face and panting heavily, the special ANFE-deflecting suit was in pieces, not having been designed for someone of his hybrid physique. Wyatt had rent the special material from his body and cast it to the earth, not caring if anyone came across it. His eyes lingered upon it for a moment before he departed, doing his very best to lose himself in the wilderness of the Eastern Continent.


It didn’t take him long to succeed.


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