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Xander Grimguard Skills

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Unique Skills:

[Gamer’s Mind] Lvl Max
Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows for a peaceful state of mind. Grants immunity to all psychological status effects

[Gamer’s Body] Lvl MAX
Grants a body that allows the user to live the real world like a game. The user receives no physical damage from attacks, only pain for a few seconds. Eating restores health and drinking restores energy. The body recovers from fatigue within 30 minutes at most. After sleeping for 6 hours, the user restores all HP, MP, and is cured of all lasting status effects.

[Bioelectric Bolt] Lvl1
Due to the mutated mitochondria created from the fused T and G virus strains, this skill was created as a method of channeling the powerful bioelectricity coursing through the host. The bolt is as powerful as lightning, however it has a limit on the range that it can be projected from the host’s body. Higher levels increase the range.
Range 5 ft

[Bioelectromagnetic Armor] Lvl 1
A powerful aura generated by the mutated mitochondria of the host, this field creates a deflective force against projectiles of all kind.
Grants Damage Resistance 100 against projectiles.


Physical Skills:

[Sneak] Lvl40
A skill to remain unnoticed. This skill allows the user to make less sound and be less likely to be seen while attempting stealth.
Sound made while sneaking reduced by 40%
Visibility while sneaking reduced by 40%


Mental Skills:

[Tracking] Lvl MAX
A skill created to allow the user to track and hunt living creatures. The skill creates a highlight for the user to bring their attention to visual clues of the passing of living creatures. At higher levels the highlight will become more distinct and allow the user to recognize more clues.
Clue highlight density 100%


Passive Skills:

[Sword Proficiency] Lvl6
A skill that increases the user’s ability to use swords of all kind.
Sword damage increased 30%
Striking speed increased by 30% while wielding a sword weapon

[Dagger Proficiency] Lvl25
A skill that allows the wielder to better wield and do more damage with daggers and other small bladed weapons.
Dagger damage increased 125%
Striking speed increased by 125% while wielding a daggerlike weapon

[Unarmed Combat] Lvl10
A skill created through repeated training of the body to fight with the user’s own body.
Increases damage dealt with unarmed strikes by 10%
Increases Strength by 10
Increases Dexterity by 10
Increases Vitality by 10

[Firearms Proficiency] Lvl40
A skill created through diligent practice with firearms. This skill allows the user to shoot more accurately and reload faster with all personal firearms.
Firearm accuracy increased by 200%
Firearm reload time decreased by 200%

[Bow Proficiency] Lvl15
A skill that increases the user’s ability and accuracy with a bow.
Accuracy with bows increased by 75%
Reloading time with bows decreased by 75%

[Necrotic Resistance] LvlMAX
A skill that allows the user to become increasingly resistant to necrotic damage, such as that from curses, undead, or life draining abilities.
Damage taken from Necrotic sources reduced by 100%

[Physical Endurance] Lvl15
A skill that makes the user more resistant to physical damage.
Damage from physical attacks decreased by 15%

[Detect Enemies] Lvl30
A skill that allows the user to detect those with hostile intent against them within a radius around themselves. The radius of the skill is increased with higher levels.
Range: 150 feet

[Singing] Lvl1
A skill that allows the user to sing better. Successive levels allow the user to stay in tune and hit a wider and wider range of notes.
Note accuracy improved 1%
Vocal range improved 1%

[Riding] Lvl6
A skill to ride creatures and vehicles alike. Through the use of this skill, the user can more easily control both creature and vehicle mounts, with successive levels increasing the rider’s control and the abilities of the mounts. This skill applies only to mounts that are ridden on, not vehicles that must be entered.
Riding coordination increased by 6%
Mount top speed increased by 6%

[Basic Driving] Lvl10
A skill that allows the user to operate simple vehicles such as cars or trucks. This skill gives the user excellent control of the vehicle at speeds up to 100 mph. Vehicle control is reduced to average beyond this speed.


Active Skills:

[Summon Shadow Hound] Lvl1
Cost: 25 MP
A skill that allows the user to summon a hound-like creature from the shadows. The creature requires shadows to be summoned initially and is controlled mentally by the summoner until it is destroyed or dismissed. Higher levels increase the HP of the summoned creature, and the number of summons that can be active at the same time.
Summoned Hounds HP 25
1 Hound can be active at once.

[Locate Object] Lvl8
Cost: 10 MP
A skill that allows the user to send out a pulse of mana to locate hidden objects in a radius around them. The radius of the skill is increased with higher levels.
Range per pulse: 40 feet


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