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Xander Grimguard Stats

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Class: None

The Gamer

Rakyat Warrior – A title earned by completing the Tatau of the native Rakyat people of the Rook islands. The Tatau is a tattoo that is meant to represent the path of a warrior, and can only be completed by passing the trials of the Rakyat people and performing dangerous tests of the warrior’s skills
Strength increases lift capacity 50lbs per point instead of 10lbs.
Dexterity increases movement speed 2 mph every 5 points instead of 1mph.
Vitality increases HP by 100 per point instead of 50, and HP Regen by 2 every 10 points instead of 1.


Species: Human
Level: 13
Experience to next level: 8700
Current Experience: 17300
Points available for Stats: 0

Experience progression: Experience from lvl1 – lvl2 is 1000*current level. At level 10, progression changes to 2000*current level. At lvl20 progression changes to 3000*current level.


Health Points: 3000(8000)
HP regen: 4(66) per minute

Magic Points: 1500
MP regen: 1 per minute



Strength: 30(80)
Strength measures your characters muscle and physical power.
Current Strength: 1500(4000) lbs
Base = 100 lbs, each point equals +50 lbs

Dexterity: 30(50)
Dexterity measures hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, and balance. Every 5 points of Dexterity increases movement speed by 2 mph.

Vitality: 30(80)
Vitality represents your characters health and stamina. Each point equals +100 HP. Every 10 points of Vitality increases HP Regen by 2 point per minute

Intelligence: 30
Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons. Each point equals +50 MP

Wisdom: 10
Wisdom describes a characters willpower, common sense, perception, and intuition. Every 10 points in wisdom increases MP Regen by 1 point per minute


Movement speed: 22(30) mph
((Note: Base movement speed is 10 mph, which is then added to by the Dexterity bonus.))

((Note: All numbers within parenthesis are the calculated total after all skills and equipment are taken into account.))



Gained by surviving an infection of the T-Virus, the host’s body has been mutated by the viral strain. Replacing all of the host’s mitochondria, the mutations allow the host to move through direct stimulation of the motor neurons, bypassing the circulatory and respiratory systems. This makes the heart and lungs redundant.
Host no longer needs to breath.
Heart and lungs no longer considered critical hits for purposes of damage.
Host gains a passive bonus of 10 to STR and VIT

Gained by surviving an infection of the G-Virus, the host’s body has been mutated by the viral strain. Having rapidly mutated in response to damage and environmental strain, the host’s body is now much more resistant to damage through reinforced bone structure and musculature, as well as a form of biological immortality.
Host gains a passive bonus of 10 to STR and VIT
Host no longer ages.

Having survived an infection of both the T and G viruses, the remaining viral remnants were fused in the host’s body to form a new and more powerful strain. While non-virulent, the host’s body has been mutated even further. Gaining a powerful regenerative factor and a completely reformed skeletal and muscular system, the host is also able to harness a powerful bioelectric field produced by the mutated mitochondria.
Host gains a passive bonus of 50 to HP Regen.
Host gains a passive bonus of 10 to STR and VIT.
Host gains unique skill [Bioelectric Bolt]
Host gains unique skill [Bioelectromagnetic Armor]


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