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Yeliana’s Plan (Yin & Yang Arc) Chapter 9:Part 3

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Yeliana simply took a stand at the Podium in the Pinkadow Channel “My Plan is in sections as one has already been shared, I also wanna share my plans for Government Roles so let’s begin”

Yeliana’s Plan (Section 2)

-Sire:Travis Madrigal

The Sire has the power to lead the armed forces of Hagistead however they rarely need to do this

-Vice Commander:Jasupa Astua-Novu

The Vice Commander holds the powers to write laws and mainly commands the armed forces of Hagistead

-Kitsune:Aubrielle Sagestone

For now until the next heir comes along she will have the title and she will take my position temporarily should I need it

-Head Scientist:Dr. Aliza Ravenmark

The Head Scientist is what the name says, she will look into new projects requested by the ruling family and such

-Representative Of Hagistead:Alyssa Hageshi

Should Hagistead join another faction, my mother will represent us on the faction.

-Priestress:Faith O’Romeo 

The Priestress/Priest handles court cases, law related things and however a new church will have to be build over the dugeon 

-Historian:Walker O’Romeo

The Historian handles the Archives and Records Of Hagistead, he will make sure to log everything that happens 

-Headmaster:Jinn O’Romeo

The Headmaster manages the Education Department Of Hagistead, both of the Temples within Memorial Creek are under his/her command

-Healer:Leona O’Romeo

The Healer manages the Health Department Of Hagistead which includes the Las Vegas Clinic which is possibly the main hospital in Hagistead

-Architect:Kassie O’Romeo

She/He manages the Building Department Of Hagistead and will commission any kind of building as long as it payable

Possible Roles


This person would oversee the Adoption and Foster services as well as Child Services


While in the works, this person would be under the command of the Priestress/Priest and run the dugeon seeing to that those who re-enter society have a good chance


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