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There were no words to describe you. 

For you were so many things.

You were light.

You were my sun in the morning.

And my moon at night.

You were white lilies.

Sweet smelling.


You were endless poetic prose.

Intense and rhythmic and yet without constraint.

You were my favourite song.

Lyrics murmured lovingly into a kissed microphone.

You were my favourite book.

Words printed in flawed ebony against pristine white.

You were crisp white sheets and morning coffee.

Warmth and comfort.

You were kindness and love.

You were innocent and good.

You were loved.

But most of all

You were mine. 

And now.

You are so infinite.

A part of the sunshine that illuminates life.

You are so free.

Hopelessly, wonderfully lost to the world.

You are sovereign.

Unimpeded, boundless, and unconditional.

You are the blue of the sky.

Vast and mighty and beautiful.

You are pink magnolias.

The petals that fly off on the most wonderful adventures.

You are dead.

And yet you are alive in my heart.

But most of all.

You are still mine.

And you are still so loved.

Happy Birthday, Hadley.

  1. Birdie Conrad 5 years ago

    Thank you so very much, Pan!

  2. Henri Delcour 4 years ago

    *After Juho had gone, Henri finished packing his son’s clothes for him, Henri felt at a loss on what to do. He wandered aimlessly about the house a bit before beginning to absentmindedly straighten various things in the house even though the house was, for the most part, clean already.*

    *However being alone in a house filled with memories with nothing to distract him did not help, and seeing one look at a cup on the kitchen counter made Henri’s eyes water before he broke out in tears. It was the cup Ville had drunk out of the first time they had tea together. His fingers ached to take the cup, to take it and throw it, but instead he simply put it in the sink to be washed later.*

    *He cried and cried, until it seemed like his tears were all dried up before crying once again, glad that his son was not there to see his breakdown. He had always tried to be a strong parent for his son, and he almost felt that he was disappointing his son by having such a breakdown even if his son wasn’t there to see it.*

    *But breakdowns never last forever, and Henri finally came to a point where he just couldn’t cry anymore, head pounding badly from the release of pain. Wincing in pain, for he was always more sensitive to headaches when they were around his eyes since they had grown so sensitive from his dragon breed and his eyes were sore from the crying, Henri could barely open his eyes as he groped for the extra strength acetaminophen pm medicine.*

    *He did not know how many he took as he swallowed them down before going upstairs to lay on the bed in Ville’s room. it could have been four, it could have been ten for all he knew. All he knew as the medicine began working and put him in a deep sleep was that he wanted the headache to be gone, and if it could help the pain in his heart…well, that would be good too.*

    *Antoinette did not respond, for she had no answer to respond with. She was well aware that she was considered too weird for most people to want to get to know let alone kiss her the way Jussi kissed her, and she certainly did not understand what Jussi saw in her. Instead, she just let her brother rant about her sudden closeness with Jussi as they entered the house.* Brother… *She finally spoke up.* I do not think I am going to get my french toast.

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