The Song of Stars and Flame

Welcome to The Song of Stars and Flame, a RolePages Story Arc. This is an event that will span several weeks, and which will have multiple smaller events that take place in the chat and in the blogs, some planned, others spontaneous, some run by official DM’s, others dreamed up and written out by the players themselves.

The situation: The city of Olde Watch has traditionally be a refuge for the humans of Hellifyno. In recent years, world events have caused Olde Watch to start developing an open antagonism to the magical populations of the planet, becoming isolationist and stockpiling the dreaded Anti Magic substance.

A few weeks ago, during a global effort to colonize the solar system, Olde Watch established a military base on Hellifyno’s moon. Since then, they have been staring down on the planet, watching, and preparing…

On February 25th, Dorian Krieger, a hated war leader of Olde Watch announced that the city was in open hostilities with the other peoples of Hellifyno, and Olde Watch launched a nuclear missile which flew across the solar system and slammed into The Ninth Planet, a frozen world covered in trillions of zombies. The explosion broke a sizeable piece of that planet off and sent it hurtling into Hellifyno.

It crashed into the eastern portion of the Great Eastern Continent a few hours later. The result was fire and destruction at an unheard of scale. The ground tore apart, mountains rose, fires ignited across the world, and the air was choked with thick soot and smoke. Tsunamis have shaken many of the island nations and the sun is still being mostly blotted out in the sky. But that wasn’t the worst of it…

The zombies that had inhabited the planetoid that hit, did not die. Far more resilient than most zombies, they actually rose, broken, headless, some on fire, and set about searching for flesh to feed their unyielding hunger.

Groups fought back against these zombie invaders The Rogues of the Red Sun tried to carve out a place of safety in Persistence. However, the zombies were too numerous, forcing them to flee the city. Meanwhile, Kishimoto Inc and ALL Corp worked to secure survivors in Consequence, lifting them up off the planets surface to the relative safety of an orbital space station.

Other groups have resisted the zombies as well. But the battle is not going well. These zombies are faster, smarter, and more determined than most. Their bodies don’t die when stabbed, or even decapitated, and severed limbs fight on blindly when cut. Some can even take multiple body parts from their companions to turn themselves into gross hulking abominations with multiple heads limbs or torsos. They also have a powerful midnight black blood that is alive itself, and can when spilt, turn into tentacles, claws, and hooks.

They are also endless in number, with at least billions if not trillions crawling across the planet. others are still falling from the depths of space, adding to their ranks in what has been deemed the zombie rain.

(If you write any blogs about this Story Arc, or if you blog your chat stories about it, please choose the Story Arc tag The Song of Stars and Flame when publishing, and your post will show up on this page. Thank you and happy writing!)

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