Vendor Terms and Conditions

All Vendors who sign up to sell products and services on are required to abide by the following terms and conditions. Failure to do so can result in you losing your vendor privileges, suspension of your account, withholding of or return of funds for a product or service, or in some cases, legal action.

1. All vendors are required to have a terms and conditions page that is to be created for their store prior to adding products for sale. This should cover, at the least, the vendor’s return policy, estimated time to delivery, a policy for not as shown or not as described products, and dispute resolution procedures.

2. All vendors are required to operate in good faith, attempting to describe or show the product or service as it actually is, and without using deceit or dishonest practices to make sale.

3. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved between the vendor and a customer, RolePages and its parent company PebbleArt Inc. have the right to choose a resolution. This resolution must be adhered to by all parties.

4. Nothing illegal may be sold through a RolePages vendor store.

5. Nothing considered legally pornographic may be sold through the RolePages Stores.

6. All products and services offered through RolePages Vendor Stores must be considered completely safe and free from any properties or outcomes that can result in harm.

7. RolePages and its parent company PebbleArt Inc. are not responsible for any harm or injury, or any violation of the law that occurs due to vendor activity.

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